Nowadays, as globalization is now considered to change its dimension according to some of them, the only real thing that remains unchanged and agreed is that English is still a world language. English is defined as the first konu global common language küresel in which native speakers speak. English is the dominant international auxiliary language in the fields of communication, science, commerce, aviation, entertainment, radio and diplomacy. Find below the level of five English courses.

  1. Level English Course Elementary / Beginner (A1-A2): At the basic level English course, the trainee meets with English in general and acquires basic knowledge. Basic sentences learned by simple sentences, can reach a level to express himself briefly. At the end of the level, the English course can talk, write and request about yaz History abilir and” Now İngilizce.
  2. Second Level English Course Pre-intermediate / Pre-Intermediate (A2-B1): Grammar and practical usage information will be improved at this level. Pre-intermediate level in English course. Growth in the vocabulary is accelerated. The en future time m is worked out to reinforce the basic times of English. The English course intermediate level trainees can understand what they have read in the new concepts they have learned, and they can express their demands in writing.
  3. Intermediate English Course Intermediate / Intermediate (B1-B2): It is a stage in which the intermediate person learns and applies the intricacies of language as he / she understands the structural features of the English language and he / she corrects the deficiencies of the four language skills. At this level the student can express himself more easily. He can easily solve very complex texts. They can express their thoughts on a specific subject with a richer vocabulary. Can communicate in everyday life very easily.
  4. Şirinevler ingilizce kursu Upper-intermediate / Advanced Intermediate (B2-C1): It is the level at which the use of fluent and flawless foreign language is absorbed in the finest detail of grammar during the course of the English course. Four language skills develop and reinforce at this level. The student develops vocabulary, complex and compound words and actions, etc. communicate effectively with structures. Individuals who have reached this stage make use of their English with their individual studies such as reading books, magazines, newspapers, watching TV and CD, concentrating on the subjects of interest.
  5. Yeşilköy ingilizce kursu Advanced / Advanced (C1-C2): Students who have reached this level of English or who want to start their studies from this stage according to the results of the leveling exam, pulling up their general English achievements, near native componence they reach the level of mastery.

Knowing English has become a requirement for communicating with everyone in the world, making a career, getting information, and many other reasons. Those who have a good knowledge of English in our country have had the opportunity to get ahead of their rivals in almost every field and have shown differences in their education and especially in their work life. If you want to be a sought-after individual in business life, to reflect your difference in your academic studies, to easily communicate with people in the world and to open up to the world, we are ready to teach you English.