Many people have lighter and slightly freckled skin. The actual issue with their skin color is that it has genetically determined lower protection from the sun and the reason it does so is that there is a merely less natural pigment that protects it from the sun. So, this genetically increases their susceptibility to sun damage, and this enhanced susceptibility to sun damage is further explained by the fact that they have lots of freckles and they may get dark in response to being exposed to the sunlight, eventually making them get more freckles.

There are three vital tips for people who have light yet freckled skin, which includes sunscreen, antioxidants, and bi-annual exams.

These tips mentioned below are useful for people who have light, freckled skin concerns and want to protect it from sun damage, it is not just sunscreen but protection from the sun because including with that, in conjunction with the sunscreen, and it requires oral supplementation that helps prevent sun damage. Moreover, nightly antioxidants are quite beneficial. Equally imperative is the necessity of skin cancer screening exams at least twice a year to make certain that early detection and early treatment of any precancerous lesions is being made.

First and foremost, there are Heliocare pills, which comprise of an herbal extract that comes from the fern plant, called polypodium leucotomos. It is basically a natural antioxidant, which gets rightly absorbed and has been considered to lower the effects of sun damage, specially in people with light skin.

Secondly, people with freckles and light colored skin should use sunscreens daily with an SPF of 30 with Ultra-Violet rays protection and ensure they apply it on all parts of their skin that get exposed to sunlight and, of course, apply it frequently. The nightly antioxidants are certainly more crucial for the light skin as these can better help protect the genetically weaker and more susceptible skin against premature aging and skin cancers.

Last but not least, having a bi-annual skin screening exam is extremely important, as there is really nothing better at treating skin diseases than preventing them in the first place and, if early skin cancers or precancerous moles are picked up, the earlier they are being picked up, the easier it becomes to cure 100 percent.

By following the aforementioned tips, anyone suffering from light-colored freckled skin will be able to rightly protect their skin, and also catch or prevent skin cancers from taking place.