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CPA Exam Resources

Students should have access to all the professional tools that will help them learn and start a career. That goes for professional exams and the preparation for those exams as well. Too many students leave college not knowing what they need to do in order to take and pass the CPA exam. That doesn't make sense with our college. We should have resources for them to use in order to make sure they get a jump on their careers.

The first resource that accounting students and future certified public accountants should have is a direct line to the state board of accountancy, so they can ask any questions about the CPA exam that they might have. That's the first and foremost thing.

The second thing is that students should have access to the best CPA study materials on the market. This will give them a leg up when it comes to taking the exam and being prepared for whatever the AICPA has on it. If they are able to properly prepare for it, they will be able to pass at a higher rate than the rest of the country.

The third thing that we should be providing is an atmosphere of help and support. Starting a career in accounting isn't easy. It's actually one of the hardest things that a student can do. That's why we should provide guidance counselors that can not only provide career advice but also mental support and stability to our students.