When we think of fat transfers, the focus has always been on sculpting your body by building curves on buttocks. However, there are a lot of other benefits that come with a fat transfer. For one, it is practical and works hence the reason why it has become more and more popular. It simple in that someone makes use of the excess body fat to reshape their body and attain a desirable figure to them. Ideally, it is a procedure of killing two birds with one stone. Fats needed for a Brazilian Butt Lift, for instance, are usually taken from the same body. This improves the look of the area where the fat is not needed and also enhances the buttocks should they be flat, asymmetrical or sagging and undesirable to the owner.

Remember that excess body fat leads to high cholesterol levels in your body.


All that fat transfer transfers do is correcting body areas with excess fat and then use the same fat to either reshape cheeks, buttocks, the lips or the chest among other body parts as desired by an individual. The best thing about this whole process is the fact that someone will be using natural ingredients to conduct the procedure. This provides a high chance of attaining a more perfect result due to compatibility between body tissues unlike when using artificial substances. Simply put, it is a procedure of contouring and sculpting your body with what you already got in your body.


Many people have loved fat transfers because of their natural aspect and the “real” looking outcome after the procedure. It sounds magic to many but the end result is such a fulfilling experience that reassures all of the logic behind the process. For people who have a lot of fat in some areas and lack in other parts of their body, a fat transfer is all they need to reshape and sculpt their body in a natural way.


Fat Transfers and Their Applications


This practice has been around for over three decades now. There have been continued research and development that has made the natural fat transfer a big success. Doctors are now able to remove fat cells, make an adjustment to their composition and purify them prior to reapplication on desired body parts of their patients. This has been useful in the creation of youthful looks and appearance in the facial area, shaping and supplement body chests, buttocks, and breasts. At the end of the process, other benefits come with the sculpting of fat from unwanted body areas as well.


In most cases, fat transfers can be done together with other treatments or surgical operations. However, it could also be done as an independent procedure.  Common combinations include fat transfer and liposuction that allows the patient to encounter excellent body and face contouring results in only one anesthesia session. The best results come from a liposuction that is applied to sculpt the abdomen or the buttocks as fat transfer gets utilized simultaneously to correct and rejuvenate such issues as sunken laugh lines, cheeks along with other body indentations and depressed regions.


With a fat transfer, a patient can also benefit from the addition of volume to chosen body parts as one would desire. However, the most common areas where this procedure is applied are in the buttocks region and facial area. It is a care procedure done for the “whole you.” This means that the process can be used to form a fully-realized edition of an ideal self. As the focus is made on a certain “problem part”, the concern in this procedure is always on the entire body image. For instance, enhancing your buttocks has to be proportional to the entire body to make the procedure more successful. A single treatment session will, therefore, end up offering multiple solutions to your general body look and appearance.


Fat cells are effective for a fat transfer procedure because they are a finite resource implying that they don’t grow back after they have been extracted from a body section. After the extraction, a sterilization and assessment process is done on the fat cells to get rid of toxins prior to their insertion into the desired area. Results can be observed in 1-2 weeks following the completion of the procedure.


The popularity of fat transfer has been increasing by the day after people realized they could use their undesirable parts of the body with fats to reshape their body. All these benefits of enhancing some parts while sculpting the others in one anesthesia session in a natural procedure have made many consider a fat transfer on their bodies.