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Erectile dysfunction pills

My Recent Predicament

Last year, I became involved with a lady (13 years my junior) who moved into the apartment next to mine. At first, we were merely good friends but, over time, our feelings for each other grew stronger and we became lovers. Male Extra, the best natural male enhancement pills to last longer in bed - At first, everything was great. Probably because of the newness of the relationship, I was able to keep up with her in bed. Before long, though, I settled back into a pattern similar to the one I adopted in my marriage. You might wonder if I was attracted to this young lady and the answer is yes. She was incredibly pretty & had a remarkable figure! I was attracted to her but after a while, that strong urge to have sex every day (or every week for that matter) left me. She was young, though, and not shy like my wife had been about expressing her disappointment over our sex life.

Worsening Problems

The more she fussed about our predicament, the worse our problem got. Because I knew she expected a stellar performance in the bedroom, I became unable to “rise to the occasion.”

My problems soon became two-fold, rendering me unable to get hard very often AND unable to maintain my erection if I did get hard.

She kept insisting that I needed to find a solution if I wanted to keep seeing her. I don’t think she realized that her constant made my problem much worse. You wouldn’t believe how anxious and stressed out I became. I didn’t want to lose this lady from my life.  I finally settled on a couple of things and placed my order.