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Education is Important to your Health

It's a shame that most men don't realize how important education is to their health. Instead of doing the research to figure out how to improve brain function they blindly follow advice on forums or mainstream news articles.

Even worse is most men don't realize that a health body and strong testosterone levels actually increase brain health which can make getting educated even easier.

For instance, did you know it's been proven by researchers olive oil can naturally increase your testosterone?

It's super cheap and really easy to take. Just make sure you are buying pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California and not Italy as Europe has a reputation for mixing in regular olive oil or even worse vegetable oil to save on costs.

You should also be lifting heavy weights and doing so with exercises like Squats and Deadlifts which will trigger your body to up it's testosterone levels.

If you want to read more on testosterone levels and brain health I recommend you check out this research. It's amazing and you will learn a lot about it's importance in your behaviour and ability to learn.