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Emotional sphere (student's research paper)

Emotional sphere (student's research paper college essays for sale):

Emotional sphere has been mostly targeted by such sciences as linguistics, psycho-linguistics and psychology. Consequently, all these sciences deal with emotions. They investigate the latter through the analyses of the words which describe emotions and through the description of verbal behavior as a means of expressing them [Miahkova; 144-151]. The scientists suggest that emotions are regarded from the different points of view by the above-mentioned sciences. Besides, they claim that linguistics touches only upon the highest level of emotional sphere – socialized emotions.

Information about what emotions are being experienced is conveyed by a person’s facial expression, gaze activity, posture, gesture, voice, and spoken word [Alan Kazdin; 163]. Studies of the words people use to describe emotions have addressed basic questions in emotion research. For example, members of different cultures classify emotion words into categories that resemble the categories for which there are facial expressions of emotion, suggesting that the organization of the emotion lexicon corresponds to the biological constituents of emotion. In contrast, reviews of  the emotion lexicons of different cultures find variation in the emotions that are represented by lexical means as well as the number of emotion words (English has about 2,000, whereas the Ifaluk of Micronesia has 56) [Alan Kazdin; 165].