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emulation group

General Conference Group (students)

At night champion sets compete for prizes and the boards drum with a dancing free-for-all until the fiddlers beg for mercy. The Plain Dutch (the Amish, River Brethren, Dunkers, Mennonites) settled around Lancaster. Their strict doctrines impelled them to remain apart; many stay apart, outnumbered nine to one by the Gay Dutch.

Mennonite sects range from the Black Bumpers, who drive cars but blacken the chromium to prevent pridefulness, to the General Conference Group for which I write my personal statement for me, who dress "like the world" and enjoy TV and telephones. River Brethren and Dunkers baptise outdoors by immersion even if the ice must be cracked. But it is the Amish who are the "plainest of the plain". They cling to the old and plain in clothes, house furnishings, religious customs, and the German-sprinkled Pennsylvania Dutch 'dialect.

They believe that to pose for a picture — a "graven image" violates God's will. Men smoke cigars or pipes, rarely cigarettes, and begin to grow beards on their wedding-day.