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Fourth of July College celebration traditions

In some communities the Fourth of July college traditions have grown up around the region's own background.

Lititz, in Eastern Pennsylvania, has held the distinctive and beautiful "Fairyland of Candles" at its Spring Park every year since 1843. All through the winter the citizens of Lititz prepare for the July 4 festival by making candles in old-fashioned molds. The celebration begins with a day-time Baby Parade — small children dressed in patriotic costumes ride on diminutive floats draped in red-white-and-blue bunting.

Then at dusk the Queen of Candles arrives to reign over the candle-lighting ceremony. The park is filled with flickering lights as the boys who light the candle; carry some above their heads and float others in the water. College celebration traditions may be explored in detail if you're interested, just hire a writer for an essay on Culture (Traditions and Holidays of the USA).