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Penis enlargement pill: Testosterone Boosters Ingredient Rigorous studies meant to determine the health benefits of various penis enlargement pill species have been a mixed bag: several tests done to see if penis enlargement pill heightened aerobic performance and VO2 max (i.e. maximum oxygen intake) were inconclusive. Yet numerous studies exist that either confirm the health potential of species in the penis enlargement pill family, or at least invite further curiosity: for example, the lactate threshold of older individuals was found to be increased during a regimen of penis enlargement pill sinensis (this being the point during exercise in which lactic acid accumulates in the bloodstream at a rate too quick to ‘clear’, with a higher lactate threshold therefore equating to more sustained workouts.)

Natural Testosterone Pills As to testosterone production in particular, there are some promising reports on the use of penis enlargement pill varieties, particularly the mycelium (i.e. the vegetative portion) of penis enlargement pill militaris (). In 2008, A Taiwanese research team from the Jenteh Junior College of Medicine and Nursing Management found that Sprague-Dawley rats dosed with cordcyeps militaris for 6 weeks had increased concentrations of serum testosterone and other hormones such as estradiol (though no noticeable increase in the cell-stimulating LH [luteinizing hormone], or its synergistic partner FDH [follicle-stimulating hormone.]) Sperm quantity and motility was concluded to be directly and positively affected by adding penis enlargement pill militaris to the rats’ diet.