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Job Seeking: Tools, Goals and Fit

Each year, thousands of new graduates are entering the work force. For them, this is the results of their goals; some of them life-long. In many cases, the team a new staff joins is already long established, or routed in historical errors. What can a person do to avoid these pit falls? First is to use the tools already at their disposal. In most instances, education has taught how to research and seek answers. But in reference to a job, there is research that needs to be done as well. Consider this, if a chef applies for a job within the confines of an administration position should they get the job? The obvious answer maybe no, but it could be also be a resounding yes as well.

The reason it maybe no is clear. The education is in cooking or other food related services. However, it could be yes, if there was a way to explain that the chef, while yes a prof in the kitchen also planned and developed goals and events in varying capacities, therefore making the chef a fit. It is also important to remember that frequently, the way to a desired job, is not always a direct path. Therefore, the idea is to have the end goal in the forefront of every career related decision. Meaning, a chef applying for a position within an administrative role, may be the way to joining an elite corporation. Consider AT Kearney jobs. This company is not just a management consulting firm. They have a firm grasp on the concepts of hiring talent from all areas and holding onto them to a global platform.

This means, at the corporate level, they understand that fit is not just in the education. It is with the colleagues and how the teams are developed overall. It is through the cross connection of their many staff that enables them to see big picture and long term. It also means they are willing to take a risk on staff, ideas and consider that what is across the table in an interview is not only just a potential employee with unrelated training.

This is where fit applies. Seeing each job interview, corporation or potential staff as a fit or not fit enables teams to develop and dreams to be met, not only because the employer knows the position and what needs to be done. But also, as the employee knows exactly what they are approaching and how they can improve or not improve the world they may be joining. When job seeking, striving to push beyond personal comfort levels and working to develop an understanding of self-knowledge and how existing experience can benefit the future employer is how goals are created and how they are met.

 Approach a job with key notes in your pocket that they may not expect and know yourself well. A single comment or sentence can land you the job before your dream job and you may not even have known it.