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Emerging trends in the treatment of mental disorders

When we think of mental health we often think of the more common issues that we see a lot of in the media such as mentally ill individuals, depression following post child delivery, general stress and the like. However, there are plenty of treatments today which are able to help overcome these issues.

  1. Alternative healing: This may not seem like a sensible area to assist with mental health but in actuality, it is. Disciplines such as Reiki and Meditation have been to known to help you breathe easier thus helping to slow down the mind and aiding in being able to physically and mentally relax.
  1. Special needs: Mental health help is still needed for those who have disabilities and it should also be made available to family members and/or care givers. Living with a disability can feel lonely and many times counseling is very much needed to help explore options for life paths and goals and day-to-day living. In that same vein of though, disabilities often affect not only the people with them, but those that care for them as it could be frustrating to both parties. It is mentally draining and oftentimes challenging. Therefore, the mental wellbeing of caregivers or family members should not be overlooked – although it often is.
  1. Coaching: Unlike counseling, coaching offers a person a mentor of sorts. It is an exchange that often pairs you with someone with whom you can exchange ideas and get feedback such as action steps you can start immediately so that you can reach a goal.  Coaching usually can be helpful in dealing with relationships, career, life and business. Rather than a counsellor who generally only offers a listening ear, a life coach will teach individuals life skills needed to thrive in their situation and environment, without bearing the same weight as seeing a psychiatrist. A life coach might feel like a friend or a guide.
  1. Relationships and marriage: Being in a relationship or even not being in a relationship can affect our overall being in ways such as communication, speech, perceptions and more. Having the support of a good relationship – be it a friendship or just getting along and feeling aligned with your family or partner can really make a difference.

A growing trend is to offer mental health services to employees as well. Services such as stress management including alternative healing and counseling, staff coaching and counseling, substance abuse counseling and more. It should be important to find out whether your employment is offering mental support for the betterment of your wellbeing. With so much research available and the awareness of mental health has eased the sigma attached. However, those that feel uncomfortable with a face to face consultation or lives in a rural area can use online services such as Naya Clinics or finding a support group online.