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Semenax increases the volume of sperm larger and is available for each orgasm, which certainly means more contractions to release everything with stronger and more pleasant orgasms. And of course the increase in sperm production naturally will result in increased fertility as well. But that's not all. Semenax customers also say an increase in overall libido and even an increase in erectile violence.

The secret to how male orgasm is more fun is actually simple, namely more semen. And that's the time for Semenax to offer you the opportunity to start your sex life with more semen that encourages orgasm muscles to work harder and faster. the process of orgasm is a remarkable muscular system that contracts with fast speed and intensity. including the pubococcygeus muscle, anal sphincter, rectum, perineum, ejaculatory gland and muscles around the penis. But these muscles will only contract if there is semen to be expelled. After it's gone, your orgasm will end. Then you wait until you get enough semen to start the process again.

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