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When you should NOT consider a mobile phone upgrade

There are people that get lured by the fancy mobile advertisements and want a mobile phone upgrade. However, there may not be any need of it and it might be just a waste of money at this moment for you. Therefore, you need to be very decisive and, as most of the people find themselves on a tight budget, must only purchase a phone when necessary. Here are some lame reasons due to which people change their phones but you shouldn’t!

You have 2 years old phone

Purchasing a phone and replacing it with a newer one because it is ‘two years old’ is not always a good move. Consider the working of your phone. See if it is fulfilling your requirements or not. Throw away the time from your window and just focus on what your smartphone is delivering to you rather than turning to a mobile phone shop just because you have used it for a couple of years.

The screen is broken

Ok, so the screen is broken but what about the processer? What you make of the software that is within the phone? Think about the camera and its working. All of the other features are fine and it’s only a screen that is broken. So, would you replace the screen for a few dollars and enjoy its working and performance or will you sell it for far less than the price at which you bought it? You may end up exhausting your budget and it may not be a suitable time to purchase a phone. Nevertheless, it is not wise to replace just because of a broken screen.

You have some extra cash to spend

There are times when you get your hands on some extra cash and people think that ‘ok its enough with this boring phone and I am going to buy a newer model, a flagship’ and they head over to the market. Well, why spending on phone when you already have a device that is doing great for you? Why you do not go for something that you need the most? Why you are making your mobile phone a priority? And even if you have nothing required at the moment, why not saving it? What about investing that little extra cash at a place from where you can get it returned with some extra cash?

A new model in the market lures you

Seeing an advertisement of a flagship model and feeling ‘motivated’ to buy it? Well, that is what the advertisement is meant to do. That is why marketing is critical for businesses. But before you head over to the mobile shop, think that do you really need a mobile phone upgrade? Is it the right time and is that model worth your money? How many features of the flagship model you are going to utilize at the maximum strength?