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Choosing the Right Bed Frame

If you already bought a mattress, or have a headboard you want to use, then you already know what size bed frame you need. If not, then you’ll need to decide what size frame you want. First, consider the size of the room since the bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in any bedroom. You’ll want to make sure it fits between any nightstands or other pieces comfortably, and that there’s enough space to easily get in and out.

Consider the Size of the Mattress

If you already have a mattress you love, choosing a new bed frame becomes a bit easier. If you have a full-size mattress, you want a double bed frame. If you have a queen-size mattress, you want to look at queen-size frames. Make sure you know whether your king-size mattress is a California king or an eastern king, as they’re slightly different; a bed frame that fits one may not fit the other. If you’re buying your entire bed set from scratch, consider how much room you have for a bed and what bed size makes you feel most comfortable.

Next, find out which size fits you. The most common bed sizes include Twin, Full (or Double), Queen, King, and California King.

Twin: Twin bed dimensions are usually 38 inches wide by 75 inches long. Twin beds might not be long enough or wide enough for adults to sleep comfortably. This size is often used in kids’ rooms, but may also be a good choice for a spare or extra bed.

Full: Most full bed dimensions are 53 inches wide by 75 inches long. A full-size bed is enough space for a single sleeper and can be a tight fit for two.

Queen: Queen bed dimensions are typically 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. A queen-size bed is a good choice for couples who don’t need as much sleeping space or who want more living space in their bedroom.

King: King-size bed dimensions are 76 inches wide by 80 inches long. King bed frame with headboard is the best choice for couples who want maximum personal sleeping space. This size bed can take up a majority of space in your bedroom. Be sure to check your room’s dimensions before you purchase a king-size bed.

California King: California King bed dimensions are 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. For a large bedroom, or an especially long bedroom, the California king can help fill the space and give you plenty of room to fall asleep comfortably.

Choosing a bed that's just right makes a vast difference in sleep quality. Many buyers misjudge mattress dimensions, and bring home one that's too large or too small. You may want a luxurious super king bed, but only a queen size will fit. To avoid bed blunders, use this guide to find mattress sizing and sleeping arrangement suggestions.

The super king bed is the ultimate in sleeping luxury, easily let down by a poor mattress. We have spent a decade in the industry perfecting our range of super king memory foam mattress toppers to ensure that no owner of a bed this size has to settle for second best. Every topper is made out of quality foam products and cut in house at our family run factory in Sussex. Toppers are the ideal way of protecting and improving your existing mattress, offering additional support and comfort, reducing the chances of aches and pains in the joints.

Super king mattress dimensions are 204 centimetres by 204 centimetres, making it the most spacious bed available. This size is 21 centimetres wider than a king size bed, and offers plenty of individual space for partners. The additional width gives the mattress a square shape – a unique look for larger bedrooms. Partners snoozing on a super king bed may not even notice the other is there, since each adult has 102 centimetres to themselves.

A super king size memory foam mattress size bed is perfect for couples who want a luxurious amount of space. In a larger bedroom, it fills up the room and creates a cozy atmosphere. Even families with children may enjoy this bed, since there is enough sleeping room for one or two kids. However, this mattress size requires extra large bedding. Make sure to check what's available near you before saying yes to this spacious mattress.

Imagine drifting off into a deep sleep night after night with a bed that adjusts to your individual comfort levels. Sound appealing? A split king mattress with an adjustable base in the perfect solution for couples that have different mattress preferences.

A Split King size mattress measures 76”x80”, and is two twin XL mattresses placed side by side. A California King mattress is a great option for taller people - it’s slightly longer but narrower measuring at 72”x84”.


Your bed isn’t just for sleeping anymore. Split king adjustable bed frame contour to fit your lifestyle. Enjoy unlimited head and foot positions that can help reduce stress on your lower back and improve your breathing.