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The Secret’s Out:

Testosterone Is Not Just For Building Muscle

Thousands of Men Turn Women on With New Androgen “Sex Gel”TestoGen increase sex drive

You already know testosterone builds muscle, makes you lean, and, is the hormone responsible for sexual drive and satisfaction. It makes a man, a man.


Here’s Something You Don’t Know

Here’s something you probably don’t know: Testosterone is also the primary hormone responsible for sexual desire, performance, and satisfaction in women. That’s right, it’s testosterone (the male hormone), not estrogen (the female hormone), that makes women want sex, need sex, and enjoy sex. In other words, testosterone will not only help you perform better, but it will put her in a more “receptive” mood. The kind of mood... you know. Here is the # 1 Product to put you back in control of your Sex Life It will you and your partner Happier