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Natural Viagra

Increase Male Libido

There are many remedies sold as “natural Viagra”. Find out what they contain, whether they work and which side effects they can cause.

Low male libido or sexual desire is one of the most common issue that crops up with a drop in testosterone levels in men. There can be multiple causes of low sexual desire in men. Some of them can be physical while others can be emotional or psychological in nature.

Physical causes of low libido in men:

•drop in testosterone levels post 30

•lack of blood flow to the genitals

These are two main causes that can result in poor sex drive in men. Testosterone production in your body begins declining after the age of 30 at about 1-1.5% a year. This not results in low or poor libido but can also lead to other problems like weak erections and erectile dysfunction.

Lack of blood flow to the penis is yet another cause of low libido and erectile problems in men. Clogging of arteries due to lack of exercises and excess body fat is one of the most basic reasons behind reduced blood flow to the penis.

Psychological causes of low libido:



•Relationship Problems

Not just this, stress is a major factor that can rob you of your desire to have sex. Too much work pressure, money matters, relationship problems, lack of interest in the partner etc., are some of the most common emotional issues that can put sex on the backseat in your life.

Not just this, antidepressants and other medications can also affect your sex drive.


SEO tactics: web positioning

Web positioning (SEO) is the position occupied by a certain site or website within the results of the search engines. It is essential for the success of the site, because thanks to the positioning our organic traffic will be enriched. While we are higher in Google results, more people will enter the page and visualize our content. There are several SEO tactics for positioning optimization, but like everything else in life, we also have the "green paths" the "shortcuts", however, we must take care of the techniques that implement, although some may be able to provide results fast, they can also be a double-edged sword, and lead our site to uselessness.
SEO tactics: black hat and gray hat

Within the SEO tactics we find those referred to as "black hat" tactics or "gray hat" tactics. These are actions taken by the owners of websites to optimize the positioning in a fast way, ignoring the norms established by the search engines.

Many people take a position in this in a moralistic way, highlighting that the use of fraudulent SEO tactics is not worth taking the position to an honest website. However, personally, I find it more effective if it is analyzed more from the perspective of risk.

How much are you willing to take risks to achieve better rankings and generate more organic traffic? This is a necessary question if you plan to use tactics of black hat or gray hat, then, even if you manage to boost your traffic almost immediately, at some point Google will realize the actions you have taken to achieve the new positioning , and the fine can be catastrophic for your site.

If the priority is the care of the website, the use of techniques not authorized by the authorities can not be justified, since they will affect, at some point, the life and reputation of the site. Although many experts in SEO are in favor of these practices, highlighting that black hat or gray techniques can be considered subjectively depending on the industry, it should be noted that Google's algorithms are modified daily, becoming more efficient and smart , making cheating a very difficult task for SEO experts, practically impossible for black hat beginners. It is important to analyze positioning optimization strategies before implementing them as say seowebconsultora

What is Google One and how does it work ?

What is Google One and how does it work ?: The new storage of Google

We all have very clear the importance of creating the cloud for the digital world, which allows us to save all those data of extreme import and we do not want to lose in case of any eventuality in the system. But recently the storage in the cloud became much more flexible and more accessible from the economic point of view with the new Google storage called Google One. But this new innovation for the storage of information is currently only available in the United States.

But although it is currently not available in our country, or Europe, it is important to note that according to the information that appears daily, Google One will soon be available to everyone. That is why we will have to be attentive to the next news that Google will bring us.
Google launches this tool in order to permanently achieve that everyone can acquire space in the cloud. And in this way people worldwide will take the final step to the use of cloud technology. Since they are aware of the need that we have, in terms of having more storage space for our devices.
Because the large amounts of content we handle, especially multimedia, make physical storage every day more obsolete as it is increasingly less able to give us the space we need.
What is it looking for with this new Google Storage?

What is mainly sought with Google One is that by lowering the cost of space it is easier for users to make the decision to use the cloud as a means of storing documents and main content and by doing so, a greater number of customers and more revenue is achieved.
In addition, the storage of Google not only going to lower rates, but maintains a first section of 15 Gb free for those users who have a Google account and have not contracted a payment plan. For those who have already hired him in Google Drive, his plans will be automatically transferred to Google One, modifying in correspondence with the new rates. So, for example, a user who has contracted in Google Drive 1 Tb, will automatically have 2 Tb with Google One.
In conclusion, with this new form of storage in the Google One cloud. The search engine giant guarantees to establish itself in a dominant position within the cloud storage market.

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