Very often everything is said in the title and it is my opinion as a professional practitioner: the ritual of Black Magic for an emotional return is not only a bad choice but certainly the worst, or at least, the last chance! Specialist of my magic Red (the magic of love, desires and feelings), it is true that my activity pushed me to perform all kinds of rituals at all levels to finally attest by experience this personal choice, between what is best to engage and refuse with regard to the work of Magic. But already it would be necessary to explain quickly the terms, especially for those who would not have read my specific articles on Black Magic and on the Return Affective.

For the black magic spells of love, it's a bit like using a huge gun to open a single door and receive bonus bursts of the shell that has just drawn. Suffice to say that it is both a huge waste of power and energy but also a real danger of use, not to mention the collateral damage. So Black Magic is like powder of the same color and just as unstable, some say it smells of sulfur, obviously because of its demonic nature.

For me, this ritual is an integral part of the Red Magic that I practice daily with processes governed by laws that govern this practice. In other words, the return of affection can only be generated by a magic of love and not by that of destruction, this is obvious that we should emphasize and therefore I advise you not to listen too much a practitioner who would offer Black Magic to solve your emotional problems.

Of course, in Love you always have the choice, and it is your supreme Free Arbitrator to want to explode or move the mountains (a proverb quotes this possibility), but the end does not justify such violent means or destructive because the Love that is obtained by these means does not last and even turns against you with all the negative energy committed to achieving it. It is nonetheless a short-term calculation that can satisfy some daredevils of Love who think that risk reinforces this (false) impression of passion, which is consumed as always in the image of the powder that I have mentioned above. The Law of Interaction tells us that we get what we give, violence, in turn, causes violence.

During my professional activity, I have often had requests for Black Magic for emotional returns, usually so that the partner comes back when he has already committed elsewhere and it is then necessary to break an external relationship to reconnect with the one who is wanted. But it is to misunderstand the Red Magic that also has very effective rituals without using the destructive power of an uncontrollable Black Magic, we speak then of Purple Magic, with rituals that approach this dark limit without to go a little beyond the ultimate limits.

For my part, the Red Magic comes in all possible ranges depending on the story of the applicant and his real desire to see Love come to him again. Sometimes the rituals are bright, sometimes they are denser and darker, but they are never totally black in the sense that the Love is built most of the time on existing foundations without having to destroy them, on the contrary!