Audiences in presentations have shown more interests in settings where they participated in what was being than in places where they were reduced to be listeners only. Therefore, the one making the presentation must ensure they make their sessions interactive in order to win the attention of the listeners. More than getting help with PowerPoint templates for your presentation, it is important to look for ways to make it interactive. This will not only make them listen to you, but also pass your message to them effectively. It is your responsibility to make the audience part of your presentation. Here are 7 ways to make your presentation interactive:

1. Ease the Atmosphere for All

Put everyone on the same level by breaking the ice. Shift everyone from their mood by getting them to do an exercise prior to making the presentation. A simple exercise like stretching or greeting one another would help reset their minds and refocus on your presentation. This will help the audience understand that their participation during the talk is needed.

2. Include Visual Content

Visual content is a great tool for making interactive presentations. It helps in evoking desired emotions in your listeners to help them connect with what you are saying. Therefore, it is important to choose a clip that will get everyone in the right mood and help you reinforce your topic. Videos and other visual content are very helpful in keeping everyone following through to the end.

3. Make use Of Non-Linear Presentation

Instead of merely flipping through what you have put down in the slides, provide a connection between the ideas you are presenting with a wider approach to the subject. Give the “big picture” to your listeners. In essence, allow the audience to drive what you are presenting to them. Provide all your key points and allow them to freely choose what they want to focus on. That way, they will give you all the attention you need and participate fully.

4. Conduct Live Polls

To make your presentation more interactive, polling the audience would be a great approach. As they take part in the poll, they will be thinking about the questions you are asking and the answers they will be giving to you. Live polls are also good for mental breaks that help in regaining any lost attention from the audience. Presentations will become interactive when the audience is alert at all times.

5. Include Stories in the Presentation

The human brain gets excited with stories. Storytelling in presentations will, therefore, help in captivating the attention of the audience regardless of their status or mood. There is usually an automatic tuning to stories told by the one making a presentation. Everyone in the room will be eager to know what happens at every stage of the speech. Present a status quo and then provide a path to the better option. This will keep your listener’s alert all through.

6. Ask Questions to the Audience

The audience may get lost in the presentation after the first few minutes and give zero attention to what you are saying. Therefore, it is wise to have soft breaks during the presentation where you can ask questions. Involve them in the presentation and let them know that they could also ask questions incognito. Make it easy even for the shy listeners to participate.

7. Share your Time with Others

People may shut down on realizing that you are doing all this by yourself without input from anyone else. This way, they may not see the need to take part in the presentation. However, they will be quick to follow through when you share the glory with others. Allow other presenters to assist you to make the presentation.  This is what people like Steve Jobs used to do to make the sessions interactive and useful to all.


A lot of creativity and skills are needed in making your presentation more interactive. A good topic can end up being boring if the presenter didn’t know the approach to take in engaging everyone in the room. Interactive presentations are effective in delivering the main points of the subject matter. Therefore, these are some of the ways that you could use to make your session more interactive.