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Must See Top 10 Places Outside of Paris City For Students

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One of Europe's major powerhouse cities, Paris has long been an indomitable figure on the continent. Descending from the Celtic Parisii tribe, the city of Paris had long been the center of trade, economic development, and culture during the Roman Empire. Established in as a capital city of Clovis the Frank in 508, Paris is a city rich in history. It's little wonder students flock here by the millions every year to explore the abundance of great art, culture, food, and complicated history of this ancient metropolis.

And while many students love the usual sights of Paris, like the Louvre, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, or the Eiffel Tower, there are plenty of places to visit outside of Paris that have a unique and rich history as well. In fact, students might come away with an even better understanding of French culture, if they take a look at the surrounding areas of France.

As with much of European history, many countries are connected through their shared history, trials and tribulations. Each component of European culture is a sum of all it's parts and to understand the French, one must have an understanding of the English, German, Spanish, and all the other cultures that have dominated the European continent over the centuries.

In fact, students should embark on a day trip to London to understand the long and complicated history between the two nations and how that has shaped their culture today. Here are a few London day trips and consider when visiting Paris isn't enough.

  1. Eurostar Train Tours

Thanks to the Eurostar train, a day trip from Paris to London is no problem at all. The trip takes about two-and-a-half hours one-way and is easy. The route takes passengers directly from the center of Paris right into the heart of London. Here, the bus city tour will begin and students can delight in seeing many of the major sites of London city. The tour allows passengers to stop and get off to snap pictures at some of London's most famous monuments. The tour bus visits Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge and Piccadilly Circus, just to name a few.

  1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Harry Potter fans rejoice! This wonderful tour takes visitors behind the scenes of the magical movies. Visitors will be able to tour movie sets and see the costumes and props used in the all the Harry Potter films. The tour includes such wonderous locations and Dumbledore's office and Hagrid's hut, everything to make a Harry Potter fan dream come true.

  1. Buckingham Palace Tour

It wouldn't be a trip to London if you didn't first properly meet the Queen. Well, at least check out where she lives. During the Buckingham Palace summer opening, visitors are allowed to visit the State Rooms, and view the Royal Collection treasures including artwork by Rembrandt, Rubens, and Claude. Explore the connection between England and France by viewing the historic English and French furniture housed within the palace.

  1. Coca-Cola London Eye

Perhaps one of the most visible fixtures of the London skyline, the Coca-Cola London Eye boasts the best views of London. With 32 capsules, and standing at 135 meters (443 ft.) this enormous "ferris'wheel allows visitors to peer out and see most of London's finest attractions. The London Eye is the world's tallest cantilevered wheel and has been the number visited site in London for the past 10 years.

  1. Tower of London

This infamous tower is a must-see for anyone visiting London. Although the tower has had a grim and bloody 900-year history, the Tower of London has a much more complicated history than many believe. Once a royal palace, the Tower of London has been through many transformations. In fact, the Tower of London held many different functions, operating as palace, armory, and fortress.Fun fact, the Tower of London was the first London Zoo, learn all about it from the Royal Beasts when you visit this infamous building of lore.

  1. The Shard

Stand atop of Western Europe's tallest building and behold the land before you. Standing at 244 meters (800 ft.), The Shard has transformed London's skyline, brining the ancient city squarely into the 21st century, and proving why London has been such an integral part of European history. Visitors can expect to see views as far as 40 miles away, The Shard is the only place in the city, where you can see the entire city and beyond.

  1. London Dungeon

In the mood for a little bit of theater? Of course you are. The London Dungeon provides a thrilling dramatic tale of some of the city's most horrific moments. Live actors and thrilling rides, the London Dungeon provides an immersive historical experience. Be sure to check out Vengeance, a 5D laser ride in which participants must fight their way through the ugly darkness and come out victorious.

  1. Westminster Abbey

This must-see attraction is a compilation of British history. Here, visitors experience this beautiful church and all the rich history that accompanies it. As the 700-year old coronation church of England, this attraction has seen its fair share of kings, queens, priests, heroes and villains throughout history. Many of which you've most likely read about.

  1. Tower Bridge

One of the most famous structures in the world, Tower Bridge has a complex history within the city. During a tour of this site, visitors will learn all about the engineering, architecture, and construction of this beautiful sight. Equipped with high-level walkways and glass floors, you'll see London unlike you've ever seen it before.

  1. Shakespeare's Globe Theater

Experience the open-air playhouse just as it was when the Great Bard presented some of the best work in English literature. Visitors can take a tour that will show them life in Elizabethan London. Available year round, the tour also has sword-fighting displays, equipped with handmade costumes. You can even see a live performance from April to early October. What better way to experience Shakespeare than in his natural habitat.