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Scarcity of Energy

Scarcity of energy means that the humans are conserving fossil fuels at a larger scale hence, they are running short on the planet. Energy crisis, in the most parts of the world, is the proof that we are running low on the natural resources like fuel, oil, gas and coal. Moreover, the fossils are used more at the present age than it was used in the last decades which is one of the leading cause in scarcity of energy. Scarcity of energy will cause disharmony and disturbance in the world so it is very important to deal with the issue as soon as possible.


Scientists have calculated the foreseeable shortfall of the resources that we have naturally which means if we face the shortage, we will not be able to even produce it on our own. Scientists have also warned that the burning of coal and oil are resulting in the climate change which is not as beneficial for the humans as it is taken lightly by the authorities. The global prime concern should be about the check and balance on the use of energy in the world. Overall.


Continents like Africa are facing energy crisis in the region and the president Jonathan Fiawoo has his focus on the digital transformation of energy in his country.The former president of Togo Chamber of Commerce, Jonathan Fiawoo has the responsibility to work for the betterment of electrical sector and he is stressing on the project of able to do more with less to overcome the electricity shortage in Africa. The management of energy in the industries, mainly in building industry, can be fruitful only if we can minimize the consumption of energy. The responsibility to save energy lies on the individual as well as collective shoulders.


Most used energies like oil, uranium, coal and gas are non-renewable. Oil, however, is believed to be the one fossil fuel that will run out first. For coal, there are still 2 centuries to go out of reserves. And for gas, 70 years are the ultimatum. Paucity of gas and oil will increase the availability price in the market. Rising price of oil will cause economic disturbance in eastern and western worlds. Imagine how hard life would be if we have to live without oil and gas. Several services like food production, transportation, manufacturing and construction are dependent mainly on oil and primarily on gas. To avoid the scarcity of fuels, we have to learn the right way to make use of gases and oil very carefully.

Scarcity of energy is the global issue hence we all should contribute to its presence on earth in the best way we could. It is well known that the shortage of anything that is not in human power to reproduce can be disastrous. We might not take the it as serious as it is but we will face the consequences when our vehicles will demand gas and fuel and we will not be able to purchase it. It is high time to wake and pay the responsibility that we owe to the mother earth.