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Uses of Fax Cover Sheet Templates

A Fax cover sheet is an informational document that you ship using a Fax. Both conventional and internet faxes can want a cover sheet.


It's considered more advisable to incorporate a cover sheet using a Fax. This way, all of the crucial information is easy for the receiver to find.


You may ask at your career or job if they anticipate faxes along with your resume template to be shipped with a cover sheet.


A Fax cover sheet includes important information that has to be organized and easy to read fast. It defines that the sender of this Fax is, who it's meant for, and contains contact information for both parties. This helps make sure the Fax winds up in the proper hands, and that the sender can be reached easily.


A professional fax cover sheet will generally get this advice:


  • Company name (sender)
  • Company name (recipient)
  • Date
  • Fax number (sender)
  • Fax number (recipient)
  • Phone number (sender)
  • Phone number (recipient)
  • Number of pages (including cover sheet)


A professional fax cover sheet may also possess this optional info:


  • Company logo (sender)
  • Company tagline (sender)
  • Individual’s name (sender)
  • Individual’s name (recipient)
  • Physical and/or email address (sender)
  • Physical and/or email address (recipient)
  • Urgency level
  • Subject (‘regarding’ or ‘re:’) field
  • Whether a reply is expected
  • Short message about the fax document


If a response is anticipated response message regarding the Fax document

Fax cover sheets must generally be easy and with no fancy layout components. Sometimes a fancy cover sheet is more suitable, such as when sending a Fax from a creative organization, or to get a particular event (eg. Birthdays, Christmas, occasion invitations). We've got both elaborate and simple Fax cover sheet templates for you to pick from below.


Our simple fax cover sheet templates rescue you from the boring job of creating a brand new, professional pay sheet every time you send a Fax. They're free, and simple to download, edit, and publish.

These templates include all of the basic information which should select a professional fax cover sheet. Simply eliminate the sample data from the template and replace it with your own information.