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VPN service VPN service allows the user to create or gain access to a network in a secure way. The service protects the user from eavesdroppers and guards you against unauthorized tracking of your browsing records. VPN service as well enables a user to log into regional websites that have been restricted for access by only people in that particular region.


VPN service works like a safe tunnel within which data is transferred from the remote server to the user. Data that is transferred using this tunnel is encrypted and therefore safe from being seen by third parties. This service is helpful in accessing online content from restricted websites and countries with internet/content access restrictions.


What is VPN?


VPN is the acronym for, virtual private network. It is an encrypted networking technology that is used to connect to a non-secure network. The technology is used to access resources remotely from a particular server.


The VPN technology is used to access the internet as well as shared networks of personal and public computer networks. It allows computers or users with connection credentials to these networks to communicate, send and receive information from one location to another.


However, using VPN for cybercrime purposes cannot let you go scot-free. The encryption leaves behind trackable traces of the internet protocol address that was used to commit a crime, regardless of whether a VPN was used to hide the user's identity.


When choosing a good VPN, the user has to consider the security, ease of use, and the speed of the VPN. According to TechRadar (a VPN reviewer and tester), a user should be guided by the purpose for wishing to acquire a VPN service Other factors to consider when ranking a VPN service include; privacy, ability to unblock, and ability to support torrenting.


VPN connections are far from being a new invention, but now they are beginning to gain traction among the general public. While traditionally its use was more common in the business environment, the great versatility of this type of connections and their multiple uses make them increasingly popular.


In 2019, the top three most rated VPN service are; ExpressVPN, IPVanish, and NordVPN. ExpressVPN is particularly, liked for being useful in unblocking restricted websites, security and its speed. IPVanish, on the other hand, follows second because of its reliability when exchanging data on the P2P network. NordVPN comes in third due to its extreme security characteristic in protecting the network and data that is being transferred through the tunnel.