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Why Education And Technology Are Inseparable Allies?

Today more than ever it is important to think about what is the appropriate use that should be given to technologies in teaching processes.

Today the youngest are characterized by belonging to the generation of digital natives, that part of the population that was born after the invention of the internet. That is why incorporating technology into education provides a series of benefits that help improve efficiency and productivity in the classroom, as well as increasing the interest of children and adolescents in academic activities.

Internet and access to increasingly intuitive mobile devices have put a paradigm shift in the use of technology. This change is also evident in the field of education, in which more and more things can be done, taking advantage of the network and its possibilities, both in the classroom and outside it.

But we must not think that these processes are new. In fact, technology has been assisting teachers and students in their daily work for several years. Text processors, calculators, printers, and computers have been used for custom assignment writing and different student activities.

However, now with the Internet and booming mobile technology, even more, technological elements are incorporated into the educational environment. Interactive whiteboards, virtual classrooms and a host of electronic resources to carry out research or carry out school work are some of the ways in which digital technology has been integrated with schools and universities.