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Does the “elevator pitch” technique has a purpose in essay writing?

It has been cemented in our minds that before writing kind of coursework, regardless of the scope or size, there should be a defined plan. Importantly, not many consider this though, it is to recognize the core argument of your essay even before the planning stage. Only though this you’ll be able to write the introduction, main body, and conclusion of the complete writing piece. And this is how the “elevator pitch” helps you!

Simply speaking, the elevator pitch contains the core reasons of your writing on the topic chosen, further, why the readers should expect to consume it.

Practically speaking, the technique is used by the sales professionals who need to convey their speech as quickly as possible and convince the customer into making a purchase of their brand or service. However easier said than done, as the words the student chooses should be smart and captivating enough to grasp the mind of their supervisor. Furthermore, several custom essay writing service providers can be seen by creatively using the elevator pitch even in the introduction of the essay, which happily sets the flow for the main content and the concussion.