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Koto Ward Lawyer
KU's International and Comparative Law Center welcomed Professor Koto Fukui of Osaka University to Washburn in March to discuss the potential for an exchange program between the two universities. Fukui, who specializes in Japanese constitutional law and comparative constitutional law, presented a seminar on the history of the constitution, its role in Japan's government and politics, and its relation to contemporary society.

An employee at Shimizu, a construction company in Tokyo's Koto Ward, reportedly committed suicide on May 25, mixing chemical agents to produce toxic gas at her apartment. Police believe that she did it because her supervisor urged employees to reduce their overtime hours. In the past, supervisors had asked employees to keep their monthly overtime at 40 hours or less, according to an investigative committee set up after the worker's death.

To obtain a Special Permanent Resident Certificate, applicants must submit documents such as their passports, residence cards and photos (no black-and-white photos, please). They can apply at their local ward office, branch office or sub branch office. If 江東区 法律事務所 has different nationalities, divorce procedures should be carried out in accordance with the laws of the countries where they are residing. For example, if a non-Japanese citizen marries a Japanese national, they must follow the procedures for divorce in their country of citizenship as well as those for marriages in Japan.
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