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Take2: Bachelor Number Fourteen – Reloaded

Posted on November 22, 2010 by Take2| Leave a comment

“Let’s make out, let’s make out, let’s make out, let’s make out” Does it offend you, yeah?


So he played it really well. We had our first date the night before he flew to Roma for two weeks of work. So there was no way that I could see him within that time. After our first date he sent a few texts here and there. Attentive without being overbearing. Good start.


He sent a text asking what I was up to on the weekend that he was away and I told him I was playing board games at a friend’s place (Lewy’s to be precise). We bantered back and forth about which games we were good at, an it ended in a challenge: the loser of Trivial Pursuit would pay for dinner and cocktails.


So the date was set. Two weeks in advance. They crawled along. Despite having plenty to keep me occupied, including Goose’s magnificent birthday party at Luna Park, I found myself thinking about him more often than I care to admit.


He was due to return to Brisbane Sunday night, and we were due to have our Trivial Pursuit showdown the following Saturday (agreeing that it’s always more fun over a few drinks). But I wanted to see him sooner. I didn’t want to wait for him to ask and didn’t like my chances of that happening anyway. He was playing it pretty cool.

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