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Here is what a few of our clients have to say

As a result of First Rank's efforts, call volume tripled for service work. Our website has become significantly more searchable, which has increased site traffic. Looking at our keywords, we appear in two postings on the first page and high in local results. We’re ranking quite high for all of the search items we wanted to rank for. The positive results were instantaneous.
- Daniel Hartley - Powertec
We had incredible results for the SEO project including several hundred thousand views. We also sold $150,000–$200,000 worth of product as a result of First Rank’s SEO efforts. Additionally, three of the articles that we wrote are now on the first page of Google. As a result, we’ve had a number of inquiries, particularly in the last couple of months, and several of them will result in significant sales. They’re a great team to work with... The analytics report that they provide every month is great. Whenever I ask them to do something, it’s typically done in 24 hours. We communicate via email, text, and phone, and we also meet face-to-face periodically.
Ted Cullen - QuikTherm
We continue to be satisfied with their services and the results. The work that Jacob and his team is doing has provided us with phenomenal traction. Before working with them, we were hovering around page two or three on a dozen keywords that were important to us. Now, we’re consistently ranking either one, two, or three on all the keywords and key searches that we wanted to be ranked on, which has been huge. We’ve also seen our numbers go from an average of 10 requests per month to about 30. It’s been a great partnership.
- Gaurav Bhatt - PrintPro
For most of the keywords, we ranked in the top three search results if not the first result. Their team maintained those rankings too. We eventually reached close to the top three search results for the other keywords. First Rank had a big impact on our business. They were directly responsible for a 2-times increase in our business...The qualities that make them stand out are integrity and communication. Jacob’s one of the nicest entrepreneurs that I know. As a result of his quality coaching, we maintained a relationship throughout the project.
- Donald Spann - Companion Maids

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Burnaby SEO

From the tranquility of Burnaby Lake to the breathtaking view at the summit of Burnaby Mountain, it’s easy to see why people keep travelling to Burnaby, whether it’s as tourists or to become residents of the City.

But this isn’t a tourism pitch. You know Burnaby is beautiful – you also know that the City is a great place to do business. You want to turn those residents and tourists into paying customers.

There’s stiff competition for the money to be won in Burnaby. The population keeps growing, and the city’s blooming reputation as a tech hub is attracting a highly educated, highly competitive workforce. To stand out from the crowd and win business, you need a way to cut through all the noise. A way to cut through advertisements being blasted around the whole of Metro Vancouver. A way to target the people who are actively searching for the kinds of products and services you provide.

You need SEO in Canada.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about getting your business to perform well in search engines. We can break down how search engines work into two core steps:

  1. The user submits a query into the search engine.
  2. The search engine finds relevant results for that query, and populates the search engine results pages (SERPs) with those results, with the pages the search engine deems most relevant at the top of the first page.

SEO, then, is all about figuring out which queries (what we call keywords) are most relevant to your business, then getting your website as close to the top of the SERPs as possible for those keywords.

A targeted approach

This makes SEO a targeted approach – the clients we’re going to bring to your door are people who are actively looking up terms that are relevant to your business. Oftentimes, these terms will be what we call “SiLs” – service-in-location searches.

Imagine, for example, you have a store that specializes in hiking boots – a search for “hiking boots in Burnaby” is one you’d absolutely want to come up first for. What’s more, by popping up first in the results, it makes it less likely that the user will go to your competitor.

In other words, SEO allows you to play both offence and defence, all while targeting the most valuable clients.

Modern techniques for a modern city

The average age in Burnaby is around 40 – that means there are a lot of Millennials and Zoomers in the city who primarily access information online. Moreover, Burnaby has a very highly educated population – we’re talking about a group of tech-savvy people, here.

SEO holistically boosts your entire online presence – it’s not surprising that what Google and other search engines really care about is how relevant and well-built your website is. So, while SEO’s goal is always to boost your ranking for relevant keywords, we’ll do that by improving everything that you do online.

For a city filled with tech companies and a population hungry for information, SEO is absolutely perfect.

We’re going to work with you to make your website the best it can be – to create content that helps search engine users answer their queries. Their first experience with you will be a positive one – they had questions, and you provided the answers. They’ll navigate your website and find that it’s easy to use – all the pages loading quickly, and all of the information relevant and timely.

mobile search results

Why SEO is right for Burnaby

Honestly, SEO is a really good idea for any city with a lot of Internet users. There are, however, some traits unique to Burnaby that make it particularly well-suited to a certain suite of SEO techniques.

There’s a surprising number of magicians on the First Rank team (that’s not a euphemism for “technical magic” – I mean, literal magicians). While a lot of magic is about sleight-of-hand, it can be just as impressive to put your cards face up on the table – when you see all the effort and thought that goes into a trick, it can blow your mind all over again.

So we’re going to put our cards on the table and tell you about some of our tactics for SEO in the City of Burnaby:

Community matters

The first thing to keep in mind is that Burnaby is a fairly densely populated city – there are hundreds of thousands of people who we can attract to your business using SEO. For that reason, it’s a good idea to cast both wide and narrow nets.

Instead of targeting all of Burnaby with pages about “Hiking boots in Burnaby”, we can instead target neighbourhoods. Someone in Burnaby Heights doesn’t just want to know where they can find hiking boots in Burnaby if it means they’ll have to travel all the way over to Sullivan Heights.

By instead targeting those neighbourhoods individually (especially if you have multiple locations), we can encourage more traffic from people who want to find a store that sells hiking boots as close to them as possible.

Breaking up Burnaby into smaller segments allows you to rank better for location-specific keywords – in turn, those extra clicks will lead to your whole site ranking better for Burnaby-related searches. Eventually, whether people are looking Burnaby-wide or just in Brentwood for your services, you’ll pop up near (or at) the top.

Working From Home Is Now More Important Than Ever

Reach the Metro

Of course, one of the advantages to living in Burnaby is that you have access to customers from all around the Vancouver Metro. We can target those clients, too.

For example, a business with a location in Eastburn could easily attract clients from New Westminster – especially from neighbourhoods like Glenbrooke North. SEO grants your business the ability to target neighbourhoods in a very granular fashion like this. You can easily see how the same logic could apply to a business in Sullivan Heights wanting to sell to neighbourhoods in Coquitlam, like Burquitlam.

As your rank and reputation continue to grow, you can target more and more different neighbourhoods and cities in the Metro. Of course, exactly what tactics you’ll deploy will depend on your industry and the areas you serve – but in the world of SEO, the room for expansion is always there.

Cut through the noise

We’ve already talked about what a competitive space Burnaby is – that’s, in part, a consequence of all the other important, business-friendly cities in the area. When you’re competing with giant corporations who headquarter their business in the Metro, it can be hard to find a voice in traditional media.

SEO is the cornerstone of any digital marketing strategy because you don’t need to compete for attention with everyone else – you just need to compete on the SERPs. The customers who are looking up relevant keywords are already interested in what you have to offer, so it’s even easier to sell them what you’ve got – as long as you’re popping up before your competition in the results.

Bring everyone into the fold

And honestly? Traditional marketing isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. It has its uses – it’s really good at changing attitudes. But most small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the brand reach for changed attitudes to matter – you want to change behaviours.

What’s more, there are a lot of people in Burnaby who are not tapped into traditional media. They’re not watching cable and listening to the radio – they’re using the Internet to find what they need. That might be because they’re newly immigrated – over 50% of the city is populated by recent immigrants, after all. It might also be because they’re young.

And, really, think about how you found this page – it was through Google, wasn’t it? Digital marketing is incredibly effective.
group of SEOs

Why First Rank?

So, you know what SEO is, and you know why it’s so effective for businesses in Burnaby. You might also know that there are a lot of SEO companies out there – so why choose ours?

Well, for starters…


We have a strategy for Burnaby

Everything a magician does, they do with intent – there are no wasted movements. There’s a reason we laid our cards on the table and told you some of the tactics that make SEO effective for Burnaby.

We want you to know that we have strategies specifically designed for Burnaby. We have strategies specifically designed for every major Canadian city.

Why? Because SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Our strategies don’t just vary from city to city – they vary from business to business. That’s why you won’t find a generic pricing matrix on our site – our plans are custom-built to fit your needs.

Look, for most small and medium businesses, SEO is a local game – you want customers to come in the door (or at least make local delivery or service orders). Local searches on smartphones convert at an astonishing 28% rate.

On the flip side, over 90% of searches never make it past the first page of Google. In fact, only 0.78% of searchers ever click something on the second page. If you want those converting customers to buy something from your business, you need to get on page 1.

We’ll design a strategy to get you there. A strategy that focuses on the unique qualities of Burnaby and the people who live there.


We’re a Canadian company

We dedicate resources to learning about every major Canadian city because it’s the best strategy. The other reason we do it?

It gives us a good excuse to travel.

We’re a Canadian SEO agency, and we love Canada. You won’t have to worry about transatlantic time zone changes. We love taking on Canadian clients because it means we’re able to boost other Canadian businesses. And isn’t that what we all love?

Canadians helping Canadians.

We do everything in-house

SEO is a totally modern business – without the Internet, we quite obviously wouldn’t exist. That makes it very tempting to use the power of the Internet to outsource work – to writers, technical staff, project managers, and whomever else.

To be frank, we think that’s a bad idea. That’s why we do everything in-house.

We understand that outsourcing can make things less expensive. But we want to have tight quality controls. We want to be accountable for every decision we make – no cutting corners, and no passing the buck. If you ever have a question or concern, you’ll have direct access to the people making decisions. That’s the value of a clear managerial hierarchy – something you can only get when all your staff is in-house.


We work hard – nothing more, nothing less

There are a lot of people who try to take shortcuts with SEO – not us. Stay away from black hat SEOs who promise you a certain ranking by a certain time. Stay away from SEOs who use shady tactics in order to get you to the top quickly.

These strategies aren’t sustainable. What’s worse, engaging in them can seriously hurt your search results – Google might even remove your site from their service. They don’t like shady tactics – they like honest work.

That’s what we provide. SEO takes a lot of time and effort, but the end result is a holistically improved website that consistently ranks well for relevant keywords. It improves your results in search engines, it improves user experience, and it leads to higher conversion rates.

Hard work and experience. That’s all there is to it. Even though we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve, they all come down to elbow grease.

But what, exactly, are we working so hard at? Let’s take a peek behind the curtain:

How we do it

Google, its users, and your business all want the same thing: a website that provides relevant content and a positive experience to the people who land on it. That takes a lot more work than you might think at first. Here’s how we do it:


We choose our words carefully

The first step to any SEO strategy is to find the right keywords to target. We’ve already touched on this briefly with our hypothetical hiking boots store: queries like “Hiking boots in Burnaby” are obviously a great starting point.

Keywords have, broadly speaking, four qualities:

  • Relevance. “Burgers in Edmonton” won’t be a relevant search for our hiking boot business, so we wouldn’t target it. “Best places to hike near Burnaby”, on the other hand, is a great fit.
  • Popularity. “Best places to hike near Burnaby” isn’t that popular of a query – there are quite a number of searches, on the other hand, for “Burnaby hiking trails”. The more popular a keyword is, the better.
  • Competition. This is usually directly correlated with popularity – if a keyword is very popular, you’ll have a lot of competition for it. Holy Grail keywords are those with high popularity and low competition (so long, of course, as they’re relevant).
  • Intent. This describes what a user wants when they look for a keyword – someone looking up “Burnaby hiking trails” has what we would call informational intent – they want to learn more about hiking in and around Burnaby. Someone looking up “hiking boots Burnaby”, on the other hand, probably has commercial intent – they’re in the market for hiking boots. Informational intent is great for top-of-funnel brand awareness and general SEO boosting, while commercial intent is great for converting searches into sales.

We take a look at these qualities in every keyword we consider targeting – exactly which factors will be the most important varies substantially based on your business and what your primary SEO-related goals are.


We craft compelling content

Once we’ve figured out what keywords we want to target, we need to create content that matches those keywords. Our hiking boot business, for example, might do well with a piece of content titled “Top 10 Places to Hike near Burnaby”.

Content can take a wide variety of forms, from product pages (to attract commercial intent queries) to blogs (for informational queries, though we’ll always include some form of CTA). Videos, infographics – whatever we think is going to move the needle for your company, that’s what we’ll create. We make sure our content outdoes the content created by your competitors – getting clicks and sustained attention is one of the best ways of boosting your rank.

We reach out to the people who matter

Here’s a well-known secret in the SEO world – even if your website has the best content on the Internet for a given query, it doesn’t mean anything if no one is linking to it. In order to compete in the SERPs, you need friends in high places.

You need people to link to your content.

This is called off-page SEO, and estimates say it’s worth 50% or more of your total rank.

Off-page is incredibly important. You can’t, however, just grab links from any website – you need links from websites that are:

  • Seen as trustworthy by Google (in the SEO world, this is called a page or site’s authority)
  • Relevant to your industry
  • Relevant to your location (Burnaby, Metro Vancouver, etc.)

We use a number of techniques to get relevant, high authority sites to link to yours. The best way of going about this? Craft the content we just talked about, then let other websites know that you’ve got the best content about a particular topic on the Internet.


We give your website a tune-up

Neglect the back-end of your website at your own peril. Search engines care more and more about user experience on a site – how quickly pages load, how easy it is to interact with them, and how annoying your pop-ups are, can play a major role in how well your site ranks.

There are a lot of technical, behind-the-scenes ameliorations we give your website, from improving your site navigation and site structure to using specific tags to guide the behaviour of the bots who crawl your site on Google’s behalf. We could go on for hours about technical optimization – heck, we could go on for hours about Core Web Vitals alone – but we don’t want to get too nerdy here.

All you really need to know is that we’ll improve user experience on your site in many ways – loading speeds, navigation, and the like.

These improvements will make both people and bots happier. Finally, harmony between human and machine…

We help you handle reviews

As far as we can tell, reputation has been a capricious thing since the dawn of time. You can do all the good you want in the world, but if one very loud person claims otherwise, complete strangers start to shun your business.

It’s unfair, but it’s true. Fortunately, in our modern age, most people go to Google and other sites to see the reputation of a business. They see it through review scores.

Now, there are two good reasons to care about reviews: positive reviews bring in more customers, and constant reviews tell Google that your business is active. That means we want:

  • A large number of total reviews
  • New reviews coming in all the time
  • Positive reviews

For these reasons, we’ve created our own in-house review management software. It allows you to encourage customers to leave reviews, all while empowering you to handle customer complaints offline – without them ever posting a negative review.

No tricks - but it works like magic

Now you know what we do. You know how it can help you. We want to do business with you.

We don’t just take anyone. We only take clients if we’re sure we can provide them with a positive ROI. We aim for an ROI above 100% – we’ve had clients with 200%-500% ROI. If you’re the right fit, you could be one of them

So go to our home page, and use our audit tool. We’ll send you detailed information about how we can beat out your competitors to get you higher in the SERPs.

But the audit is just the beginning. Speak to our experts today – we’re excited to talk to you. We’re excited about SEO in Burnaby.

We’re First Rank, and we’re here to grow your business


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The purpose of First Rank is to help businesses generate leads from their websites. We put a focus on SEO, because we believe it is one of the most cost effective and highest converting forms of traffic generation, however traffic alone is not enough on its own to grow your business. SEO should be combined with conversion optimization, email marketing and retargeting to maximize the ROI of your advertising dollars.

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Jacob Kettner SEO Expert


Langley Scrap Car Removal

Call Us Today for a Quote



We Do Recover Towing provides a premier towing and scrap service in Langley, specializing in clearing valuable space in your garage by removing old vehicles with ease. Recognized for our exceptional customer service, we stand out as the go-to solution for residents looking to dispose of junk cars or require reliable towing.

As an experienced junk car removal company in Langley, BC, we proudly serve our community with expert car removal services. Whether it's exchanging unwanted vehicles for cold hard cash, breaking out the tow truck to move your stuck car, or transporting it throughout and beyond the Langley area, our team is here to help.

Our scrap car removal service is designed to ease the hassle of saying goodbye to your old vehicle. Serving the entire Lower Mainland, our team ensures that your experience is top-tier, offering the best price for your scrap car or vehicle relocation. Whether it’s a sudden breakdown or planned transportation, We Do Recover Towing is the name locals trust for all their vehicle moving needs.

We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal towing truck is moving junk cash

We Are Most Reliable and Scrap Car Removal Company in Langley

We are a leading towing and scrap car removal business based in Aldergrove, BC with a rock solid reputation for exceptional customer service and dependability. From small jobs to big jobs, we always deliver and provide the best solution at the most competitive rates in the industry.

An icon of the towed car

Towing Services

When you're stuck on the side of the road and need a tow truck driver to come to your aid, We Do Recover Towing is the go-to call. Our fully insured team will act swiftly to offer you a safe, prompt, and reliable towing service. From start to finish, we strive to make your tow seamless and stress-free. Whether it's a planned move or an unexpected breakdown, we offer complete transparency in price, ensuring you're never caught off guard by the cost. Put your trust in our tow trucks and receive personalized, professional care.

An icon of destroying the car


Need to move your vehicle around Langley, BC? At We Do Recover Towing, we offer a lot more than junk car removal services. Our expert drivers and industrial equipment ensures we can transport your vehicle safely and efficiently. Fully insured and committed to instilling professionalism, friendliness, and expertise into every project we take on, our team will ensure your car reaches it's destination in prime time and condition. Whether moving a classic car, a scrap vehicle, or an everyday driver, your wheels are in safe hands with our team.

An icon of a wrench

Emergency Services

Need A jump? Have a blown out tire? Lock your Keys in your Car? Call Our Emergency Services Team.

An icon of the towed car

Scrap Cars

Wondering how much cash you can get for those scrap vehicles? Our scrap car removal service ensure you get top dollar for that old junk car taking up space on your property. At We Do Recover Towing, we offer an impeccable professional touch, ensuring your old cars are not just taken away, but taken care of. With us, every piece of scrap metal is properly recycled, clearing space while preserving the environment. Choose our junk car removal service for a responsible, eco-friendly solution that transitions your scrap from a nuisance to a neatly processed resource.

An icon of destroying the car

Cash For Cars

When it’s time to part with your old vehicle, our "Cash for Cars" service is your professional ally. We buy junk cars, offering competitive instant cash deals that amateur buyers can't match. With our service, the transaction is smooth, and you avoid the common pitfalls of selling privately, such as payment delays or security concerns. We pay cash, ensuring a trustworthy exchange, and with our free towing service, the deal is sweetened, reflecting our dedication to providing the most cash and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

An icon of a wrench

Junk Car Removal

Our junk car removal service is a testament to professional efficiency. We handle Langley junk car removal swiftly, freeing up your space the same day you call. With us, you avoid the dangers and legal complications of amateur junk vehicle disposal while benefiting from our instant cash payment. Your junk car transitions from being an idle, space-consuming object in your driveway to a responsibly recycled vehicle, with every auto part taken care of meticulously. Mitigate the risk of mishandling hazardous materials and leave your junk car removal in Langley to the professionals.

We Pay Cash For You Scrap Vehicle

We will pay you COLD HARD CASH for your unwanted vehicles! We will take your vehicle, no matter the condition, to a local salvage yard to be recycled. Do your part for the environment and let us take your vehicle to the local auto wrecker. The best part – WE DO ALL THE WORK! You can just sit back and let us take care of it come find out why we are the best company for Scrap Car Removal In Langley

What Type of Cars or Vehicles Would We Scrap?

Scrap car removal (red Ford) that was a commercial vehicle in the past
  • Junk or Scrap Cars
  • Abandoned Vehicles on Your Property
  • ICBC Write-Offs
  • Accident Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Tractors or Farm Vehicles
  • Forklifts
  • Partial or Wrecked Cars

Why Choose Our Scrap Car Removal Service?

Working with We Do Recover Towing offers endless benefits for car owners with broken wheels and rusted metal. From towing to transport to removal, we'll take your car where it needs to go. Whether that's the auto body shop, scrap yard, or another destination, we'll ensure your car finds its way quickly, safely, and affordably.

  • Expert Evaluation: We bring substantial experience in evaluating car conditions, parts, and safety, ensuring top-notch solutions.
  • Junk Car Removal Service: Specialized in scrap car removal in Langley, we are adept at handling junk vehicles quickly and efficiently.
  • Best Customer Service: Our clients are at the forefront of our minds, making the process of selling your old car seamless.
  • Competitive Offers: We buy cars with the keenest eye, offering the best prices for your auto parts and vehicle in British Columbia.
  • Reliable Towing: We offer trusted towing and scrap car services that stand out for dependability and professional care.
  • Hassle-Free Process: Our team makes it easy to rid your property of unwanted vehicles without the typical stress.

Locations We Serve

We Do Recover Towing extends its reliable services across Langley, BC. Our team proudly serves the communities of Brookswood, Aldergrove, Campbell Valley, Murrayville, Otter District, Salmon River, Walnut Grove, Fort Langley, and Glen Valley. We cater to all areas, ensuring no corner of Langley is left unserved.

Scrap car removal in Langley on our truck

Pick Up a Variety of Vehicles

We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal does not simply specialize in the removal of cars and trucks. We will also pick up other motorized vehicles like large commercial vehicles, as well as tractors, forklifts, or farm vehicles.

Pick Up Vehicles in Any Condition

Was your vehicle in an accident and is now completely unrecognizable as its former self? That’s okay, we’ll pick it up. Is it falling apart at the seams? We’ll still pick it up, too. Is it in seemingly good condition but still abandoned? Yup, we’ll still come and get it. We’re not picky!

Crashed junk car removal by We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal
Our towing truck is doing scrap car removal at Langley backyard

Professional Car Removal Service

We know that we have a job to do, but we figure that the best way to go about doing this job is by doing it with a smile on our face! Our employees are courteous and punctual, which means that you will never have to second guess whether or not you are in good hands. For an even greater peace-of-mind, our operations are fully insured and licensed.

How Does Cash for Scrap Cars Work?

You may think that the idea of receiving money for your old car seems too good to be true. But, once you find out how it works, you will no longer think this way.

The idea behind receiving cash for your car scraps is simple. When a vehicle is in unusable condition, it still contains value thanks to its scrap material. Reputable scrap removal companies with connections within the industry can get cash in return for this valuable scrap metal. However, it would be rather difficult and time-consuming for the average citizen to go about recovering these costs.

When You use We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal to help you get rid of your vehicle scraps, you never have to question whether or not you are receiving the best price for your vehicle. We pride ourselves on offering a fair-market-value price to our customers so that they never feel as if they were taken for a ride.

What Is The Current Price of Scrap Cars?

Now that we have established how it is possible for car scrap removal services to make money, the most obvious question is “how much does scrap car company pay in Langley, BC?”

The answer is, of course, that “it depends”. The main factors that will determine the price that you will receive from having your car scrapped are the condition of your vehicle, the age of your vehicle, as well as the particular make and model. In Langley, British Columbia, where We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal operates, the average scrap metal job can be worth anywhere of hundreds of dollars to $10,000. Our friendly scrap experts will be able to walk you through the steps of determining the value of your scraps. Remember, we pay you cold, hard cash for cars on the spot with no complications!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our Scrap Car Removal Service? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Below are our most frequently asked questions.

Does The Car Need To Have All Four Tires?

We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal is able to accept scrap cars and materials of all different conditions. In fact, we will scrap your vehicle for you no matter its condition — which means that yes, you can certainly scrap a car that has less than four tires.

Relying on We Do Recover Towing is easy, because we will pick up and tow the vehicle that you wish to scrap, no matter its condition. This means that it does not have to turn on, and does not have to have all tires (or even any tires at all). Allow our experts to remove the vehicle from your property.

How Long Does It Take For Somebody To Remove My Scrap Car?

We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal prides itself on its quick and efficient services. Once you give us a call, our team will do everything on their end to remove your vehicle from your property as quickly as possible. In many cases, this means that we will come by to pick up your vehicle on the same day that you make the appointment. However, this can of course vary depending on our popularity and volume of that particular day.

In the case of a busy day, we will always make the best effort to schedule your scrap removal in Langley at the next available removal slot, which is usually the next day.

What Happens To The Toxic Fluids In My Junk Car?

When you recycle your old vehicle, it is of the utmost importance that you work with a company that you can trust to be environmentally responsible. When you hand your scrap materials over to We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal, you can be rest assured that we discard the toxic fluids and materials in your car responsibly. We have relationships with local recycling facilities that are government-approved and set up to guarantee that no toxic elements leak into our precious natural environment.

Who Pays For The Tow? Do I Have To Pay For Scrap Car Towing?

With We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal, you never pay for the cost of your tow. We will cover the costs of every towing that we do. We are able to do this because of the value that the market awards for the discarded parts of your car. Our experts will be able to determine the value of your scrap car upon arrival at the lot, and will be able to discuss the monetary details with you.

Why Shouldn’t I Leave a Scrap Car In My Yard?

While it may be tempting to leave your scrap car on your property, it is not advised that you take this approach. For one thing, it is likely against the municipal bylaws of your area, which means that it can leave you with a nasty (read: expensive) ticket.

For another thing, it isn’t fair to your neighbors, as a scrap car can be considered an eyesore. An eyesore on your property can also make it an active target for thieves, as many thieves may see this as a sign of an unkempt property and will therefore see it as an opportunity for burglary.

Lastly, a scrap car can also be responsible for the release of unsafe chemicals and materials into the soil, which can lead to an unhealthy environment for you and your family.

we scrap any car for cash in Langley

Areas of Service for Scrap Car Removal

Give We Do Recover Towing & Scrap Car Removal a Call Today

If you are ready to get rid of an old abandoned vehicle, it’s time to give We Do Recover Towing a call. After we sort out a convenient time for you, you will finally be able to move on with your life with your old vehicle scrap being a thing of the past!

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Squamish scrap car removal and auto recycling

Squamish Scrap Car Removal


Are you looking for a reliable scrap car removal service in Squamish, BC? Are you wanting your scrap car to be picked up for free? Are you hoping to get paid some cash for it too? Do you want the very best car buyer in Squamish?

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

More Cash For Scrap is the #1 scrap car removal company in Squamish, BC. We always pay MORE cash for cars than any of our competitors will. Even if it doesn’t run or has major damage, we’ll buy it and pay MORE cash for it.

Get MORE Cash for Scrap Cars in Squamish

Selling a vehicle can be hard enough these days. Especially if you are trying to sell it privately and actually get a decent payout for it. But selling a scrap car can be even harder. Trying to sell a vehicle that has mechanical issues, doesn’t run, doesn’t have wheels, doesn’t have keys, or doesn’t even have paperwork, can be nearly impossible. However, we can help! We buy any and all vehicles in absolutely ANY condition, and we always pay MORE cash for it too!

Squamish Scrap Car Buyers


Squamish is one of the most beautiful places to visit in British Columbia. From the top of the mountains on University Heights, to the shoreline of Britannia Beach, this community is full of endless breathtaking views. People come from all over the world to experience the natural beauty that this little town showcases, and that’s part of why we love doing scrap car removal in Squamish, BC.

It doesn’t matter if your vehicle has body damage, interior damage, mechanical issues, electrical problems, or has even been completely written off by ICBC. We’ll but it, and we’ll pay MORE cash for it than any other scrap car removal company in and around Squamish.

Junk Car Removal Services in Squamish

If you’re looking for a reputable and licensed scrap car buyer in Squamish, you’ve found it, More Cash For Scrap. We offer instant CASH offers, same day scrap car pick-up and free towing services for every scrap car removal we do. And we always pay MORE cash for scrap cars than any of our competitors will!

Maybe you left your junker at the Britannia Mine when it failed to start ever again after a tour with your college friends. Or perhaps your 1970’s campervan died on a weekend camping trip up the Mile 38 logging road after you hit one too many potholes, causing the CV joint to finally go.

When it’s $150 extra per hour to tow a car off a logging road, and you bought the car for only $500, it’s better to scrap it than tow it.

Or maybe you were on your way to the Sea-to-Sky Gondola to propose to your fiance, when your car’s head gasket blew. Fortunately, we tow for free from ANYWHERE!


If you’re scrapping a car for cash, scrap it with us! All it takes is a simple phone call to find out just how much cash we’ll pay you. We buy junk cars, trucks, SUVs, or minivans. You just might be surprised how much we pay! If you want quick cash now, you want More Cash For Scrap!

We Pay MORE Cash for Any Type of Scrap Vehicle

Whether you’re selling an old junk car, beat-up work truck, massively damaged SUV, or worn-out minivan, we’ll buy it and we’ll pay MORE cash for scrap cars than anyone else will in Squamish. That’s why people choose us for their scrap car removal needs.

We Are ALWAYS Looking to Buy:

Scrap Cars – Passenger cars, mid-sized sedans, full sized sedans, luxury sedans, sports cars, coupes, convertibles, foreign cars, hybrids, station wagons
Scrap Trucks – Work trucks, duellies, 4×4’s, 1-ton trucks, moving trucks, light duty, heavy duty, propane, diesel
Scrap SUVs & Crossovers – Hybrids, 4×4’s, full sized, mid-sized, crossovers, 7-seaters
Scrap Vans – Cargo vans, minivans, panel vans, work vans, 15 passenger vans, campervans

We also buy junk vehicles that are from out of the province or out of the country. It truly doesn’t matter what condition your vehicle is in or where your vehicle is from. If you want to sell it, we want to buy it. It’s really that simple! Just contact one of our helpful local scrap car buyers today to find out just how much cash you can get for your scrap vehicle. You just might be surprised at how much cash for scrap cars we’ll pay you!

We Buy Junk Cars in ANY Condition in Squamish

Honestly, ANY condition! We don’t care what you’ve done to your junk vehicle, we’ll buy it and we’ll pay MORE cash for it than anyone else in the scrap car removal industry!

Squamish free junk car towing
  • No wheels?
  • No Keys?
  • No Paperwork?
  • Bent Frame?
  • Transmission shot?
  • Dead Engine?
  • Multiple accidents?
  • Major Body Damage?
  • Not Drivable?
  • Bad Electrical Issues?
  • Moldy Interior?
  • Fluid Leaks?

Great! We want to give you cash for it because scrap car removal is our passion. We’ve been doing it for over 15 years, so we’ve gotten pretty good at it. Make us your first choice for all your scrap car removal needs in Squamish. Our fast and friendly scrap car removal process can be done in a matter of minutes, and nobody pays MORE cash for scrap cars than us! Selling your scrap car has never been easier, and with our excellent customer service, you’ll be glad you chose More Cash For Scrap.

Squamish’s Best Local Scrap Car Buyer

Over the years we have provided scrap car removal services to the Squamish area and all of their neighbourhoods and communities including:

Squamish map

Why Do People Choose Us for Scrap Car Removal?

There are a lot of reasons why our customers come back to us again and again. Also, it’s why they refer us to friends and family. Additionally, when you’ve been in business as long as we have, you learn a bit about delivering exceptional customer service. Also, about how to achieve business excellence. This is why we are the #1 junk car buyer in both the lower mainland.

1.We Pay the Most Cash

After all, we are MORE Cash For Scrap, right? Unlike other scrappers, we pay more cash for scrap cars than anyone else. How? Because we’ve been in business long enough to know how to get the most out of the cars we scrap. This way, we can pass along that money to you, our customer.

2.Exceptional Customer Service

It goes without saying that part of doing good business, is by treating your customers like they are number one. This is something we aim for in each and every transaction. It’s also something we live by as business owners. There’s no better review than a repeat customer, and we’re not happy unless your happy. Our team of friendly and helpful scrap car buyer are available 7 days a week to answer any of your questions or concerns.

3.Instant Cash Offers

When our scrap car buyers make you an offer, they make it based on real-time data in the metal recycling industry. They also explain where the value lies in your car. Similarly, this means that you get the most current metal prices for your vehicle’s weight. Which in turn means you’re getting paid the most cash for your scrap vehicle. Also, some vehicles have highly sought-after parts, rare components, or other unique pieces that can command MORE cash. This is something we factor in when making you an offer, whereas many other scrap car buyers only go by the weight of your vehicle. Because of this, our scrap car removal services are different in every way possible.

4.Eco-Friendly Car Recycling

We follow all local and provincial laws governing car recycling policies. This ensures that every vehicle is scrapped in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it’s how we get the most out of every vehicle so you know it has been put to its best use. That is how you are getting paid top dollar for it. Reducing emissions and leaving less of a carbon footprint is everyone’s responsibility, and we’re proud to be a part of that movement.

5.Quick & Easy Scrap Car Removal

We make the process of selling a scrap vehicle for cash as painless as possible. Whether you’re selling a scrap car, truck, SUV, or minivan, we can complete the process in as little as 10 minutes. From the time our free towing service arrives at your house. Many of our tow truck drivers live and work in the areas we service. So, from the time you call to the time they arrive, it can sometimes be as little as 15-20 minutes until they get there. If you call today, we’ll come today, and we’ll pay you in cash before we finish the scrap car removal and leave with your junk vehicle.

6.Free Towing Services

It doesn’t matter which part of Squamish you live in; we’ll come do your scrap car removal and the towing is 100% free. Some scrap car removal companies charge for towing, or they’ll offer you free scrap car removal, but don’t pay you cash for a car. We are different. We know that if you’re selling a junk car, it probably doesn’t run and it’s probably not insured. So, naturally, we take care of the towing for you, and we don’t deduct any money off of the cash offer that we’ve made you.

7.We Support Local Businesses

Part of how we are able to pay our customers MORE cash for scrap cars in Squamish is by utilizing local services like the one at ASM Squamish Scrap Metal Recycling. They are the pros at getting the most out of every vehicle we have them scrap. This way, we’re getting our customers the most money and we’re helping local business make more money too. That’s not only doing good business, that’s being a good neighbour.

It doesn’t matter if you live at the edge of Brackendale or down in Garibaldi Estates right by the Sea-to-Sky Highway. We’ll provide you with free scrap car removal. PMoreover, pay you MORE cash for scrap cars than any of our competitors in the Squamish area.

Fortunately, if you have a junk car that needs removing, you’ve got the best scrap car buyer in Squamish at y0ur service. Contact More Cash For Scrap today! Unlike other scrappers, we make scrap car removal quick and easy. Also, it will make you wonder why you ever put off selling your vehicle in Squamish!

We Offer More Cash for Cars Than Dealerships


When it comes to trading in a scrap car towards the purchase of a new vehicle, you can pretty much forget it. The majority of dealerships won’t buy junk cars, and many of them won’t take them in as a trade-in.

If they do, they offer little to nothing for it, and end up sending it to the car scrapyard anyways through a professional scrap car removal like us. It’s a better idea to come directly to us to sell your used scrap car, truck, SUV, or minivan. We’ll offer you more cash for scrap cars than any other scrap car removal company will. Plus, we even tow it away for free. Not even our friends at Squamish Toyota can beat that!

Don’t Waste Time with Other Scrap Car Removal Companies

We live and work in Squamish, which makes finding a local scrap car buyer that much easier because we are already one of your neighbours. After spending many years building a great reputation amongst the community, you know you’ve got the best scrap car buyer when you choose us.

What We Offer:

  • Free and instant offers on all junk vehicles
  • Same day scrap car pick-up
  • Free towing service from anywhere in Squamish
  • Professional, licensed, reliable junk car buying service
  • The best customer service in the scrap car removal industry
  • MORE cash for scrap cars than any other junk car buyer in Squamish

If you are asking yourself, “where’s the best junk car buyer near me?”, you’ve already got the answer; More Cash For Scrap. We are the best because we are committed to being the best. We do that by providing the very best customer service experience with each and every transaction we do.

Squamish’s #1 Scrap Car Buyer Since 2005

Since 2005, we’ve been the pros when it comes to scrap car removal. Because of this, Squamish makes the smart choice when they want free scrap car pick-up service; they call us. They know and trust that we pay the most cash for scrap cars, and that we’ll deliver the very best customer service in the scrap car removal industry.

scrap-car-buyer-Port Coquitlam

All we need are a few details from you to provide you with an instant cash offer for your junk vehicle. Also, our scrap car buyers need to know the make, model, year, number of kilometres, condition it’s in, and location for pick-up.

Then, they’ll provide you with a free and instant quote. If you accept the offer, we’ll have our free towing service dispatched to your home (or wherever your junk car is parked) the same day. Our driver will pay you cash before leaving with your vehicle.

It’s really that simple! Scrapping a car for cash doesn’t have to be a headache, and it’s any but when you choose the scrap car removal services of More Cash For Scrap!

Contact Our Scrap Car Removal Team Today!

We know that life can get busy, and taking care of things like having a scrap car removed can seem daunting. But stop putting it off because More Cash For Scrap is here to help! Car disposal can be quick and easy, and we’re here to prove that. We are the pros when it comes to junk car removal and we make the process of scrapping a car quick, easy, and completely painless.

We offer our free towing service 7 days a week. From 8:00am to 10:00pm, and even work most statutory holidays! It’s easy to work around our customer’s schedules when we’re this flexible. We offer same day scrap car pick-up, instant quotes, and MORE cash paid to you in hand before we leave with your vehicle. So, what are you waiting for? Call or text us 24/7 to find out what you could get paid for your junk vehicle today!

Recent Scrap Car Removals in Squamish

  • 2010 Mazda 3 – ICBC write-off – Brackendale V0N 0A4
  • 2007 Toyota Yaris – Blown transmission – Eagle Run V0N 3G0
  • 1998 Dodge Ram – Over 400,000 kms – University Heights V8B 0R9
  • 2001 Dodge Neon – Dead engine – Valleycliffe V8B 0A2
  • 1982 Chevette – Blown transmission – Central Squamish V0N 1E3

Squamish Scrap Car Removal Reviews

We are so proud to have a name for always paying MORE cash for scrap cars in Squamish, but what truly warms our hearts is knowing that we provided excellent service while taking away people’s scrap cars. Check out our most recent scrap car removal reviews and see for yourself how we treat our customers in Squamish!

“Absolutely wonderful service. The personnel were easy to communicate, fast service, and friendly. Good cash amount for my car. Thank you again for your help.” Irena D.

“I called these guys after getting stood up by another junk car removal company, and they were able to pick up my car within the hour. Paid me cash like they said. Super quick service and no runaround.” Tyler H.

“I took my car to the scrapyard, but the guy wanted t pay me pretty much nothing. I called this place and they actually gave me a fair price on it. Would recommend to anyone.” Dani G.

“Friendly and helpful. Came within 2 hours, pulled old car out of narrow driveway, and paid a fair price. I will recommend them to others.” Thong Li

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