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My main point is mostly to non-Whites, please for stop begging whites to find you attractive and want to date/marry you! They live in a white dominated society and they don’t even realize is because they have the privilege not to have to think about it! It’s so hypocritical for you guys to want to date Whites, but then get upset when Whites also want to date Whites! Stop giving white people the power! They are NOT better looking, nor are there smarter, nor do they have better personalities, or ANYTHING!


I mean really, some of the comments are so pathetic. I especially had a good laugh at the one black guy who didn’t date black women, but was upset and saddened that white women didn’t want to date him. How hypocritical of you! If you think White women are somehow better than Black women, what makes you think you as a Black man is any better than a White man and that a White woman would think that?


BTW, this little study is a bit skewed. All they calculated was the response rate. As someone pointed out, if i were to respond to someone “Get a life”, that counts as a response. Does that mean i think that person is desirable? Hell no! But it would count, would it not? Idk, there are many many variables, though my point still stands that non-Whites are to obsessed with wanting to mate with Whites, and it’s sad because Whites want to mate with each other (which is fine btw!).


Whew, that was long!


October 15, 2009 at 3:37 pm

KendiHendi says:


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