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So what’s next? Well given that Goose is deeply embroiled in her sordid tale of deception, long-distance and drama, and Take2 is cuddling up to Bachelor Number #10 on a regular basis- it seems that I’m the only one not delivering love-excitement. So back into the water I go.


Two days ago I put my profile back online. I was kind of reluctant – I’m just still not sure if the online thing is for me – but Take2 tells me sternly that I didn’t give it a good enough go – and I’m not one to back away from a challenge!


The update so far? I’ve actually already exchanged some emails with a guy who seems pretty cool. He’s smart, successful, funny, speaks a couple of languages, wasn’t born in Australia and has an unusual name – eg. totally my type! (my friends will tell you I have never dated anyone with a ‘regular’ name they could pronounce. This is totally true, although not deliberate!)


So now he’s asking if I want to meet up. The pressure’s back on! I’ve told him I have to feel confident that he’s not a psychopathic serial killer before I commit to  face-to-face contact (don’t laugh, I actually said this). He responded: “Good point. Should I be concerned that you might chop me up into small pieces and store me in your fridge?”


Good response. I think I might just be tempted to meet this guy.


So here it goes again, let’s see if the water is any less chilly when I dip my toes in for the second time…


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So while Goose is playing with fire (and yes honey, I’ll be there with the band-aids if it ends in tears) my life is nowhere near as hot.