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Features of earning on stock exchanges cryptocurrency. Buy on the minimum, sell on the maximum.


Features of earning on stock exchanges cryptocurrency. Buy on the minimum, sell on the maximum.


Cryptocurrency earnings became very popular when the general mainstream rose as a result of an unprecedented rate increase. Seeing ads on the Internet, looking at pictures of packs of money that are made on cryptocurrency, many decide not to stand aside, too, and try themselves on different exchanges.

Peculiarities of earning on exchanges cryptocurrency

Perhaps today's purchase tomorrow will bring a three-hundred percent income, or even more. But it often turns out that the spent real money simply burns on the fallen course, and ordinary home computers, from which the "farm" is built, just can not withstand the load, bringing nothing, or worse, catching fire from overheating.


The instability of the course is cryptic.

Looking at the cryptocurrency exchanges, one might think that Bitcoin and other popular currencies are growing steadily. But if you monitor the market online for a few minutes, you can see the peculiarity of the currency to fall and lose price. You need to understand that this is a virtual currency, which is not fixed by anything physically. It does not belong to any country with material values, and therefore the price is artificial. This means that the cryptocurrency can collapse to zero at any moment, but it does not mean that it cannot generate income. Just the opposite, big money is always accompanied by big risks, it is important only to cash out your cryptocurrency wallets in time, not allowing the risk of losing everything at once.


Why to invest in cryptocurrencies?

There can be no unequivocal answer. Nobody knows exactly how the rate of this or that currency will behave in an hour, this is also true for real currencies, but according to recent estimates, more stable are the main and most expensive currencies, which, in fact, all began with. 

New currencies, which cost less than a dollar, are not always self-sufficient, to be more precise, they work on the basis of other cryptocurrencies, having only their own name, in fact being on the platform of one of the leading crypt. Small companies do not guarantee the growth of the rate, because they are weak and do not contribute to the cherished growth, but it is easier to mince such currencies. 

Bitcoin or Litcoin has a much smaller chance of falling and going bankrupt, but the opportunities to make money from the fluctuations of rates are not high.


To start mining or buying currency is a profitable business, but it is profitable only for those who approach it thoughtfully and know what they are doing. Before entering the digital market, study the situation, possible whims of rates, buy at the minimum, sell at the maximum. Also i any moment you can exchange any cryptocurrency in other fiat money? for examle check opportunities here satoshi to usd.


Here you should rely more on luck than on accurate calculation. The crypto currency world is a "soap bubble", which is not dependent on anyone and is not provided with anything. If you invest your money at the right time - you can rise well on the interest from a deal, but mostly earn on the crypt currencies of the exchange, on the difference in exchange rates.


Sometimes for the exchange of one cryptocurrency on another take from 30 to 40%, it is a lot and does not make a profitable exchange for users.


Therefore, it is optimal to earn on crypto currencies "mine" by yourself, exchanging for cash at the right time, when the rate will be the maximum.


In this case, you can earn on digital money, in all other cases, it is better to open a business on the Internet.

TOP 7 actual ways to earn the cryptocurrency in 2020


Let's enumerate the most profitable ways to earn a cryptocurrency with and without attachments, which will suit both beginners and experienced users. What is important is that this material is relevant for 2020, because there is a lot of old information on the Internet that lost its relevance several years ago. We have composed a step-by-step instruction, which describes in simple words, what is needed for this, as well as the features and risks of each method. The article will be especially useful for beginners, because due to the lack of experience and knowledge, beginners often lose the invested money, believing in not the most profitable and effective strategy of earning on shares/arbitration/trading or invested in the project bench. Is it possible to avoid unpredictable expenses and become the owner of the crypt currency without losing the invested money? Of course. There are several ways to do this, let's analyze them in more detail. Navigation of the material: 

1 Cloud Mining - renting capacity for mining cryptocurrency 

2 Trading on the cryptocurrency exchange 

3 Arbitration of rates on exchanges and exchangers 

4 Masternodes 

5 Stacking cryptocurrency 

6 Working with payment in cryptocurrency 

7 Bitcoin cranes 

8 Other less popular ways (very ineffective - will not suit everyone) 

8.1 Airdrop 

8. 2 Bounty 

8.3 Asset Management 

8.4 Borrowing 

8.5 Platforms that pay with their tokens for publishing 

8.6 Online game Cloud Mining - renting capacity for mining cryptocurrency 


First in our ranking is cloud mining, because it is the most optimal and profitable way to earn cryptocurrency on 2020. 


Mining has always been the most profitable option to invest in cryptocurrency, but starting from 2018 the purchase and maintenance of own equipment (ASIC and GPU-farm) for the extraction of digital assets has become completely disadvantageous due to the reduced margin of production. However, classical mining has successfully replaced cloud mining, as contracts in it (capacity for mining cryptocurrency) is much more profitable than own equipment, due to a significant reduction in cost - the cost of purchasing, maintenance and service of equipment. In case of cloud mining, the equipment is held by the company that leases it to users for a certain price for a period from 1 year. 


Cloud Mining is based on the operator's purchase of large computing capacities, their adjustment for the production of certain cryptocurrencies, and then these capacities are rented in parts to smaller consumers. The main unit of measurement in determining the share is MH/s capacity, and the customer can rent additional capacity if desired to increase their own production investment. An important advantage of cloud mining is the minimum entry threshold.

If you have to spend money to buy your own equipment, cloud services offer small capacity leases at minimum prices with the possibility of purchase at any time. Another advantage of cloud services is the ability to work with the mining for users who do not have knowledge in programming and configuration of equipment. 

The tenant simply receives a set fee from Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptographic currencies defined in the contract. 

Plus: Low login price. Fast payback. No technical knowledge of mining and cryptocurrencies required. Variety of tariff plans for mining of different coins. It is possible to mine several cryptocurrencies at the same time. Ability to systematically increase own capacities in any volume. 

Minuses: Commissions for the withdrawal of cryptovolta (it is not profitable to withdraw cryptocurrency frequently at small volumes). Output only in the crypt-currency. Many scammers, services that are created for several months and then disappear with investors' money (use only reliable services).


Trading on a Crypto Exchange 

Register on a popular Crypto exchange (e.g. Binance), open your account, make money on it and earn on the Crypto exchange rate, selling it at a higher rate than when buying. 


A variety of cryptocurrencies: 

  • you can buy/sell any coin that is attractive to you for investment; 

  • the minimum entry deposit on the exchange allows you to work with small amounts of money; 

  • the ability to earn a lot by buying currency cheaply and giving it away at a higher rate; 

  • the prices of cryptocurrencies on exchanges are determined solely by the ratio of supply and demand, not by adding a markup to the market price, as in the case of exchange services, so it is more profitable to trade cryptocurrencies on the exchange; 

  • large reserves of popular cryptocurrencies. 

Disadvantages: a set of currency pairs on different exchanges is different: 

  • there is Bitcoin everywhere, but there may be no less popular young currencies;

  •  the need to pay a commission for the work of the exchange, the size of which also varies depending on the specific trading platform;

  •  not all exchanges support fiat currency and allow you to deposit only the cryptocurrency, which must first be bought in the exchanger;

  • it is time consuming, because you need to constantly monitor the dynamics of the exchange rate and be ready to respond quickly to changes in it. 

To make good money on the exchange, you need to have patience and perseverance to monitor the quotes of the crypt currency in 24/7 mode and be ready to respond instantly to their fluctuations. 


Also, you should not limit yourself to one crypto exchange, but register and trade on several exchanges at once, because each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. 


Diversifying investments between different trading platforms also helps to reduce risks. To see the full rating of the best exchanges to trade in the crypt currency in 2020, click here. It is ideal to work with the largest and most reliable exchanges with an excellent reputation, which, in addition to favorable rates and wide opportunities for earning money by trading in cryptocurrency, offer enhanced protection and complete security of digital assets. The most reliable exchanges with the highest cash turnover. 

Each exchange has its advantages or disadvantages. One can have many trading pairs, the other has convenient ways to enter and exit money, low commissions, and the third has a user-friendly interface. Therefore, you should not limit yourself to one exchange, but register and work for several. 


Rating TOP-5 exchangers cryptocurrency by volume of trades: 

# Exchange cryptocurrency 

Address trading volume for 24 hours 

1 Binance $1 260 676 385 

2 Huobi $732 485 409 

3 OKEx $699 419 098 

4 Exmo https://exmo. com $18 590 938 

5 Yobit $16 833 501 


Arbitration of rates on exchanges and exchangers 


The so-called rate forks are often found on exchanges and exchangers, this is when one resource has a slightly higher rate than the other. By carrying out simple trading operations, you can make money on this difference. For example, to change the dogecoin to usd in one bitcoin exchanger, and then in another to exchange the BTC for dogecoin already at a profit. This scheme is also called exchange rate arbitrage. There are programs that facilitate the task, which automatically monitor all the services included in the base and choose the most profitable chains. The resource consists of chains that include up to 5 exchangers, so that the result of earning on the exchange of cryptocurrencies was the most profitable. 

In addition, it also evaluates the reliability of sites, takes into account the commissions of payment systems and the cryptocurrency exchangers themselves, offers a wide range of individual settings.

Masternods are the main node in a decentralized network. 


It performs actions that are not available to simple nodes, such as direct or private transactions. Not everyone is able to launch a master node as it is expensive and technically difficult. In return, however, the mastermind owners receive a percentage of the rewards for the blocks found during the mining process. 

Examples of cryptocurrencies that allow you to buy a masternode: 

  • Dash. 

  • ImageCoin. 

  • Blocknet. 

  • Stakenet. 

The full list is available at 

There are a number of factors on which earnings from masterminds depend. These are the features of a particular coin, changes in its course, the mining protocol. 

When choosing which master coin to invest in, you need to analyze which coin will give the fastest payback. Stacking cryptocurrency coins, working on the principle of Proof-of-Stake, allow users to store their coins in exchange for remuneration. In terms of earnings principle is similar to the masterminds, but requires a little less effort. It's enough just to keep your money in your wallet. The more coins you have, the bigger your reward. 

Some projects approach it with fantasy. For example, in EOS, you can make a profit in tokens or instead rent network resources needed by developers of decentralized applications. 

The Binance Exchange regularly distributes stock awards such as GAS, ONG, XLM, KMD, QTUM, VTHO, ALGO and STRAT. You can find out more about steak crypting here. Work with payment in cryptocurrency This option is suitable first of all for IT specialists, second designers, copywriters and marketers. It is possible to earn cryptocurrency using your knowledge and skills - write texts, create a design, edit video, edit photos, etc. Usually freelance is the most obvious answer to the question of what business to start on the Internet. Many companies looking for freelancers are now ready to pay in crypto.


Examples of sites where you can find employers: 








More information about vacancies on the cryptocurrency market and sites to search for work in the field of blockchain can be found in a special material. 

Bitcoin Cranes 

The easiest and, I would even say, primitive way to make money on bitcoins from scratch is to perform tasks on so-called Bitcoin Crane Sites. 

The tasks are extremely simple and do not require any specific skills from the user and usually bitcoin cranes with instantaneous output. For example, to insert a cappuccino, mark elements in the pictures, watch videos or emails, click on links, etc., and quickly withdraw the amount . 

Earnings will be very small. Usually the remuneration on crane sites is 1 Satosh - it is one million bitcoin. 

At the current rate, it is less than half a penny, but if you register at once on several sites and regularly go in and perform the task Bitcoin faucet immediately on the wallet will be transferred to the amount and one day, you will earn a decent amount, as earnings on Bitcoin faucets is not significant, many people are looking for Bitcoin faucets that pay with instant payment to withdraw to the wallet a certain amount and do not touch it, and save thus making a savings tap bitcoins. 

There is an automatic bitcoin faucet, which has been on the market for many years, pleases participants with steel and high payments (compared to other faucets): FreeBitco. 

A complete list of current bitcoin cranes can be found here. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to "download" a bitcoin crane so that all the actions will be performed automatically through the program. But the earnings from bitcoin cranes are in any case very small. 

To build more less sane earnings cryptocurrency on such sites is simply impossible. As well as accumulate initial capital, as on other types of earnings, which are specified in this material. Other less popular ways (very ineffective - will not suit everyone) There are several other ways to earn bitcoins, but they have significant limitations - are not suitable for all users (trust management and loans), or bring too little income, often almost zero (Airdrop and Bounty). 

The choice of the appropriate method depends on the answers to the following questions: 

  • Ability and willingness to invest own funds; 

  • Set goals (long-term prospects of maximizing profits, urgent conclusions); 

  • Availability of a large amount of free time. 

Airdrop is a kind of marketing strategy where tokens are distributed free of charge to new clients or existing owners of certain cryptographic currency. That is, in fact, it is free distribution of tokens of various cryptocurrencies to users for the purpose of advertising or to increase loyalty. 

Recently these actions get more and more popularity, therefore it is important to know platforms on which the information on spent Airdrops is published. 


Bounty Campaigns are created to promote new technological projects and cryptocurrencies. As part of such events, participants are rewarded with new tokens, which can then be exchanged on cryptocurrency exchanges for fiat money (rubles, dollars, euros) or left in the wallet in the hope of significant growth in the future. Types of bounty campaigns: 


  • Advertising in social networks - posts, tweets, comments, likes; Advertising ICO in the signature of posts on the forum BitcoinTalk; Translations of information about ICO in local languages - site, announcements, white paper; 

  • Search for project bugs; 

  • Development of software add-ons - wallets and mobile applications; Writing and publishing articles in blogs and news resources; 

  • Mailing lists; 

  • Design - logo, branding, booklets. 

How to earn the cryptocurrency by participating in bounty campaigns?

We need to perform the following actions: 

  • Study the actual projects. 

  • You can find their list at, and others. 

Evaluate the activities and reputation of the organizers, read reviews on the Internet. Do not participate in a bounty campaign if you do not understand the real value of the product (service, service, technological solution), which is behind the new coin. Familiarize yourself with the conditions and frequency of payment of remuneration.  Register for the project. 

Perform tasks. 

Usually organizers ask the participants to be active in social networks (set likes, make repost, join groups), create posts, translate foreign content. Sometimes there is work for web-designers and programmers. The amount of real earnings in a bounty campaign depends on two factors: the amount of investments involved in the project and the course of a new cryptocurrency. 

The reward is distributed among all participants in proportion to the complexity of the tasks performed. 

Trust management It is already clear from the name that the money will have to be entrusted to the management.

To whom? 

A crypto broker or a crypto fund. They will decide what to buy and what to sell, when and how. Their earnings are part of the profits from managing your money. The interest is negotiated by each fund individually. 

The most common scheme is 50/50. Pluses - no need to think what to invest in; 

Minuses - high entrance threshold (several million rubles) and risks of broker reliability (may disappear with your money). 


Both in terms of cryptoproducts and cryptoproducts, great risks are associated with the lack of a legislative framework and a short period of time to develop the reputation of managers.


Loan disbursements 

So far, this is a rather unusual way to build your earnings on cryptographic currency - to give loans to individuals or organizations. There are special p2p sites where you can transfer a private loan. 


The advantage of this method is that the size of earnings is virtually unlimited: you can assign any percentage of remuneration, and the borrower will be forced to return the amount specified in the contract. However, there are plenty of disadvantages. Thus, the number of loans not returned is quite large, and you have to go to court to defend your interests. 

And as Bitcoin at us is on semi-legal position and is considered quasi-currency the outcome of the decision of court is difficult to predict. Therefore it is possible to try this way only in the presence of the considerable capital and on a platform which insures loans or helps to return the overdue debt. So far, this method is "raw" enough and we do not recommend it, as high risks do not justify the possible benefits. Platforms that pay with their tokens for publications on the Internet there are several large portals that pay users cryptocurrency for writing articles. 

Most often these are sites that pay with their internal tokens, which can then be sold, or exchanged on the exchange. Let us immediately clarify, the real income here is close to zero, as in all ways to earn a crypt without investment. 


The first site we will talk about is Steemit. This site belongs to the Steem cryptocurrency. On this site everyone can publish his article and earn on it. Payments are made by their internal token Steem Dollars. LBRY LBRY is another platform with its own currency (LBC). However, it differs significantly from Steem. The LBC used on the platform must be purchased or obtained by users who will pay it to you themselves. Their site is something like a YouTube analogue that allows you to upload videos. If the users like your video, it pays you LBC. Dtube Dtube is a decentralized Youtube (although not a Google project), in fact it is the same site as LBRY. Users can upload videos and receive awards in the form of crypto tokens for downloading quality content.

Since DTube is built on a blockbuster like Bitcoin, it follows the same rules: security and decentralization. On the other hand, since TPS speed is quite low, uploading content to DTube can take forever, especially if your video lasts more than 10 minutes. 

Yours is a social network where you can earn Bitcoin SV (highly questionable fork of Bitcoin) if you write an article interesting for users. 

According to the developers, their mission is to improve the quality of content on the Internet and pay people for high-quality work. 

Although the idea is almost the same as on other platforms, Yours is little known and will probably close down in the near future, especially after the release of Futurepia Messenger dapp.


Online Games 

Another option for earning cryptographic currency without investment is online gaming. Be sure to read the reviews on the Internet, as many projects close quickly and do not allow you to withdraw your earned money. 

Tip: We recommend you to avoid bitcoin lotteries (buying tickets and participating in token drawings), as in 99% of cases they are won only by the creators. 

How to get tokens in online games: earn virtual money and exchange it for real; 

earn a bonus of a few hundred or thousands Satoshi for game achievements (for example, passing a game or pumping a character); 

win the competition and get the prize fund - it will require minimal investment and excellent game skills. 


Perhaps you've already thought about what it's like for developers to give away free Satoshi to those who just play. In fact, while participating in online games have to browse the sea of advertising and enter the cappies. 

That's what developers earn on, if you're wondering how it is advised to read about earning on viewing ads. In addition, with the help of cash bonuses they attract people's interest in their project, which has a positive impact on promotion. 

So there's no catch. 

Examples of online games that allow you to earn cryptocurrency with no or minimal investment: Huntercoin; Steem Monsters; Prospectors; Storm Play; BirdsBit; Coinbrawl; Battlecoin; Spark Profit. 


Do not believe projects that promise a fabulous return on investment in a character or farm. This is a type of financial pyramid, which can earn only the owners and the very first participants who managed to withdraw funds.