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Cost-Effective Ways to Maximize International Call Forwarding

International call forwarding works almost without difference for a virtual number and a conventional one. The distinction is in between before the call reaches its recipient.

How does it work?

It’s good to know how the awesome system works and what takes place before it gets to the receiving party. Let’s say that you dial a particular business’ number. It will be connected to the service where it will then reroute the call to the number chosen by the receiving party. You and the recipient might be located in not the same regions but you may perceive that the number is not international. It means that there are no long-distance charges that would be going to take place.

Helpful attributes


Utilizing the said service, you’ll get an assurance that your enterprise will get closer across the globe. The following advantages will be going to make it possible to maximize international call forwarding:

Testing of newly acquired targets – before you dive deeper into a fresh target market, it’s a must that you carry out the necessary study first. It is done to determine the potential clientele. You and the rest of your staff can then set up a connection locally without any attempt of building physical offices in various target areas. By doing this, you’ll gain insight into your possible buyers and prospects before investing.

Scalability – it means that as your enterprise continues to grow and wants to extend your company image, there are important changes that should take place in particular when it comes to communication. With that aspect, you’ll be needing a telephony system that will surely help you in scaling up your company with more ease and less stress as the situation requires. If it seems that there’s a demand to expand in a different place, then international call forwarding is one of the best virtual equipment to combine with your current communication system within your enterprise. You can even designate DID numbers for each member of your team so there would be no missed calls along the way.

Call Routing – this feature is very helpful because it redirects a call to any assigned phone number. Whether you’re using a cell phone or a computer, you can still accept and answer calls without being obliged to stay in a specific location such as an office or assigned desk.


 Local Customer Support – people will immediately expect that you are easy to reach and you are situated nearby. Establishing a local virtual office will allow you to build trust coupled with a solid presence to your current clientele and prospects. Customer engagement is an important matter for any organization, and the integration of an international call forwarding in your day-to-day activities will assure you of continuous interactions between your company and your prospects. Remember that highly-engaged clients tend to acquire more of what you have to offer and dramatically demonstrate solid loyalty.

Advertising Improves Brand Awareness – the clientele is the life and blood of any enterprise. And to help you gain more clients, you have to create your brand awareness. Brand awareness means people’s ability to identify the presence of commerce without difficulty. Building a business identity will allow you to enter the local marketplace. You can utilize your local number on:

1.    Marketplaces and local exhibitions.

2.    Display your contact number on your websites, email signatures, and other social media platforms.

Whatever you choose, your main objective is to set up a local presence by setting up a local virtual office. It means that your virtual office should always be ready to be found for nearby online searchers or prospects who are craving answers on certain issues on their minds about your products. The importance of business online presence is paramount. There are many chances that prospects are seeing your business as a better option than others.

International call forwarding is a very efficient tool to use for businesses regardless of size. One thing that is far better than any other phone system is that it saves you on telecommunication costs while improving your customer relationship at the same time.

Building local and international presence is now possible with international call forwarding without the fear of overhead cost. Aside from the low telecommunication costs, it also enhances customer support that would eventually lead to gaining international customers.

Since international call forwarding comes with advanced features like free virtual PBX, it provides a seamless flow phone system. As a result, downtime is reduced greatly resulting in more satisfied clients.

Final words

Different enterprises require a trustworthy phone service that provides not only a streamlined phone system, but also an inexpensive cost in phone charges.

If you are willing to integrate this kind of service into your communication system, you can visit Telnum for more details. Telnum is one of the most trusted service providers in the market nowadays. Our objective is to help all sorts of businesses to move forward with flawless phone services.