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The leading cryptocurrency exchange characteristics, pros, cons, and other details

More information about the best online platform to buy crypto


There are many cryptocurrency exchanges. Therefore, you need to consider their characteristics when choosing the best. Below see what makes Cryptology ideal for most traders and investors.

  1. You do not need any knowledge to operate the platform.

Cryptology offers a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. As a result, even starters can perform expert seamless operations without getting help from support representatives.

  1. There are low or no fees.

Cryptocurrency exchange platform fees are one of the main things to consider when trading. You will not want to pay a lot of money on entry, rolling over, and exit operations. Cryptology is one of the best exchanges where you can trade for free or pay low fees. 

  1. A widely accessible service.

Most exchanges are available to specific countries only. That is not the case in Cryptology since people from everywhere around the globe can access the services. It is in the US and Japan, where the exchange is not available.

  1. Leverage.

Leverage brings users a lot of money even though it can be risky at times.

  1. Crypto pairs.

Cryptology allows users to analyze many markets since it supports many pairs.

  1. A reliable withdrawal service.

One of the characteristics that make Cryptology the famous cryptocurrency exchange is fast and straightforward withdrawal processes. 


Those are the main characteristics of the crypto exchange. The following sections will cover the signup process, getting verified, the benefits, the drawbacks, and more.


An overview of Cryptology


The futures and exchange platform is straightforward and charges low fees. Currently, people can use the platform for free, and they get an incentive after making their initial deposit.


The Earn feature


Recently, the best app for cryptocurrency exchange introduced a passive income feature named Earn. Through it, users get many cryptocurrencies and stable coins. 

The feature lets you perform the following activities:

  • You can invest using a bank card.
  • You can track your everyday earnings.
  • Withdrawing funds is possible.
  • You may reinvest your money.


Earnings get determined by the currency. For example, stable coins can reward you 15%, and BTC brings 8% annually.


Users do not incur any fees on the Earn feature.


Joining the cryptocurrency trading platform


Cryptology is a straightforward trading service. The registration activity is not only fast but straightforward too.


There is a form where you fill out your details. They include name, email, and password. You can even join the platform with your Google account.


You cannot skip the terms and conditions. The platform won’t let you access its services if you do not agree to its requirements. 


There are two types of accounts that new users can open. One is personal, and the other is institutional.


More information about the accounts


The personal account is only for trading. If you want to deposit and withdraw fiat, choose the Global option. It allows making payments using a bank card or wire transfer. You can withdraw cryptocurrency and fiat with it.


Personal account owners can only withdraw funds using the method they used to make a deposit. For example, you can deposit cryptocurrency and fiat money using Visa or Mastercard. However, you cannot withdraw fiat with that account.


Only Global account holders can withdraw fiat money using wire transfer.


Becoming a verified member of the Cryptology platform


The platform verifies customers before allowing them to access the available service. There are two verification steps.


  1. Primary

There are various documents members have to submit to pass the verification step. They are:

  • A passport.
  • A government identification card.
  • A photo.
  • A driving license.

Passing the verification step gives members a $10,000 limit.

  1. Complete

The only thing you have to provide to pass this verification step is your address. After successful completion, you will enjoy a no-limits service.


Online Futures Trading and Exchange platforms


The futures and exchange services have a lot in common. Both of them are straightforward and user-friendly.

The exchange comprises the following

  • An order book.
  • Trading history.
  • A chart.
  • An order form.




All services on Futures are the same as those on the exchange. The only difference is that people can choose leverage here. 


Service costs and transaction options


The trading service charges a fee of 0.002. 

More information about Cryptology fees


  • Fiat money charges: Users pay 2.65% on debit and credit card payments of as low as $25.
  • People in Brazil have other payment options. For a minimum deposit of one dollar, users pay between 1.7% and 3.6%.
  • EUR SEPA: A minimum payment of one Euro costs 0.45%.


People who have passed the complete verification step can use a wire transfer for free for payments as low as $25.




If you choose an Institutional account, you will withdraw fiat money via SEPA accounts. Expect a fee of 7 Euros for withdrawal as low as 50 Euros. 


Digital assets


The trading company has other conditions when it comes to digital assets. Members additionally need to keep in mind that not all purchases can get withdrawn.


Where you can access Cryptology services 


As the best beginner cryptocurrency exchange, expect accessible services in many places around the globe. The only place where the company has not reached is Japan and America.


Cryptology pairs


  1. Bitcoin/USD
  2. Bitcoin/USD Perpetual
  3. Ethereum/USD Perpetual
  4. Electro-Optical System/USD Perpetual
  5. Maker/USD Perpetual
  6. Synthetix Network Token/USD Perpetual
  7. Tronix/USD Perpetual
  8. Steller/USD Perpetual
  9. YFI/USD Perpetual
  10. Bitcoin Cash/USD Perpetual
  11. Litecoin/USD Perpetual
  12. Zcash/USD Perpetual

Spot Exchange

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Steller
  5. Bitcoin Cash
  6. Litecoin
  7. Zcash
  8. Tether
  9. USD Coin
  10. DAI
  11. Basic Attention Token
  12. Tronix


It is possible to trade fiat with Euros, rubles, and dollars.


Benefits and drawbacks of the online trading platform


The platform has more advantages than disadvantages.

See below


  • The platform has an excellent support system. Users that get stuck get attended to on time.
  • Customers get a bonus on their first deposit. Expect to receive one hundred dollars if you deposit the one hundred dollars.
  • Users are currently trading at no fee.
  • The future trading offers 100x leverage.
  • The trading platform has the lowest order size of 0.10.
  • The service is global, only in the US and Japan, where you cannot access it.



  • Cryptology has no margin trading.
  • If your account is not a Global account, you cannot withdraw fiat money.




As seen from the review, the cryptocurrency exchange platform is worth trying. There are impressive features, and the benefits users get are more than the disadvantages.