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High school in Canada

Features of studying at best high schools in Canada

Studying at high school includes education from 9 to 12 grades. Successful completion of 4 compulsory classes and a set of the required number of credits is mandatory for obtaining a diploma of secondary education. 

At best high schools in Canada the student himself chooses the subjects from the set offered by the educational institution. For each subject studied at the end of the course, in case of successful passing of all exams and tests, the student receives a certain number of points - credits.

To obtain a diploma, you need to collect a certain number of credits. If the required number of credits is not collected, then a diploma of education is not issued.

If the student was unable to collect the required number of credits, he is given the opportunity to study for the fifth year, which is called Victory Lap. However, the fifth year is not just for the careless students. Often the opportunity to take the fifth year of study is used in order to obtain credits for additional subjects at univeristy. 

Structure of educational system at Canadian high schools

  • School sites

The provinces are divided into so-called school districts, each with its own committee of elected officials who oversee the course of action and the school curriculum designated by the provincial government.

  • Religious affiliation

In Canada, schools can be secular and religious (Christian, Catholic, and so on). Some provinces have separate school committees for religious and secular schools.

  • Separation into public and private

The educational system of Canadian high schools includes public schools in which education is free and sponsored by the state, as well as private schools in which, of course, you have to pay for education. As for higher education, education is paid in public colleges and universities, but it costs an order of magnitude less than that provided in private counterparts.

How is education organized at best high schools in Canada?

In all educational institutions, the High School Diploma is a compulsory program. Most private schools in Canada follow the International Baccalaureate program. It is divided into 3 stages:

  • 3-12 years old - primary (Primary Years Program);
  • 11-16 years old - middle (Middle Years Program);
  • 16-18 years old - senior (Diploma Years Program).

Students attend creative and sports classes, learn how to conduct discussions, argumentation, write essays and much more.

In other schools, courses for preparation for admission to a university are compulsory - Advanced Placement. Schoolchildren study 4-6 subjects at an increased level of complexity corresponding to the first year of the university.

There are denominational institutions that offer education in Canada in Waldorf and Montessori schools. Classic boarding schools are aimed at academic preparation.

Many high schools in Canada are highly specialized. Students can receive education in an institution with a sports bias or in-depth study of science, computer technology, music, literature, theater, French or English.

After graduation, schoolchildren are issued a diploma of secondary education.

Best private schools in Canada 

In best private schools there is already a choice between separate and joint kind of education. There is a high competition there, and for foreign students, confirmation of high knowledge of English is required.

Private schools in Canada are better equipped than the state ones. Private schools have their own large closed area with a boarding school located on it for students. Fewer children study in classes than in a regular school, which means that more time will be spent on each child.

Students in private schools are accommodated in a boarding house - a student dormitory. This will allow to always be in the circle of peers, to get acquainted with the national characteristics of students from other countries, and most importantly, the school itself is located on the same territory as the campus.

Not far from Toronto, there is a private educational institution called Ridley College, which is more than 130 years old. The program is designed for the entire period of study: from elementary grades to graduation. Also, there are preparatory courses for applicants to universities. Foreign students from 30 countries of the world study here. The campus is considered representative in Canada.


In host families students stay in a separate room. The advantage of such a stay is that the child is always under the supervision of adults, can get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of the indigenous people from the inside and feel the comfort and warmth of home away from home.

For those who prefer segregated education, St. Margaret's School. It is located near Vancouver. The territory is more than 20 acres, there are sports grounds, training centers, and its own park. In high school, three foreign languages ​​are taught, as well as computer science, journalism, psychology, etc. The high quality of education allows students to enter the best universities in the world without any problems.

Another example is St. George's School. More than 1000 students of 30 nationalities study here. The extensive program includes more than 50 electives and hobby groups. And of course, as in all schools in Canada, a lot of time is devoted to sports. Students are taught 6 languages, as well as theater, programming, etc.