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How do I get a job in Saudi Arabia? A Quick Guide for Foreigners and Residents of Saudi Arabia

How do I get a job in Saudi Arabia? A Quick Guide for Foreigners and Residents of Saudi Arabia

Indian students are looking for jobs in Saudi Arabia. Because here you can find jobs in the oil industry. Also with jobs in areas such as education, training and information technology. There is an increasing focus on expanding the economy. And reducing the restrictions of international companies. Know-how to get a job in Saudi Arabia!

It can also offer opportunities in education, health care, tourism and engineering. The capital city is Riyadh. It is the second largest city. It's a search engine for great educational jobs. And most workers tend to be located here. Know-how to get a job in Saudi Arabia! 


How to get a job in Saudi Arabia?

With the sites listed below, you can expect a response rate of 0.5 to 1.0% (the people who respond to you who you sent your application/resume to). Nevertheless, I recommend you try these sites as you never know what you will come up with or what connections you can make with a simple email or application.


  1. Jobs in Saudi Arabia Jobs in Saudi Arabia include many areas and specialties. People from different social faiths can get the desired job. In addition, the agencies provide their valuable employees with everything they need, so that you will not need anything, only good work is required from you.

  2. Lots of quality, professional work.

  3. Bayt : One of the best job search sites in the Middle East.

  4. Bayt Monster It's also a good job search platform. The Monster job search brand has been around practically since the beginning of the Internet era.

  5. Career Jet : I'm sure you've heard of Career Jet. They have job search options in Saudi Arabia.

  6. Indeed The Saudi version of the big American job search site

  7. Naukri I mentioned Naukri on my Qatar jobs page. This site is full of job postings.

  8. Learn 4 Good Usually focused on teaching, but has jobs in other sectors.

  9. Gulf Market Jobs this is also a good site for good management positions.


Teaching English.


One option could be teaching English (if you are a native English speaker). All of the sites below are very similar and offer a myriad of job options for English teachers. Check out each of the sites for English jobs in Saudi Arabia. Also, be sure to check out this cool chart from TEFL International Academy that shows how much money teachers can expect to make around the world.

ESL Employment: Not the prettiest interface, but who needs a pretty website when you have so many English teacher job options to choose from.

Total ESL: Also an overly busy interface, but lots of job postings for teachers abroad.

ESL Cafe: Dave does a great job of compiling some of the best job postings from around the world.

Tesall: Aggregator of great teaching jobs.

Footprints Recruiting: One of the biggest ESL recruiters in the teaching field.

Other sites and blogs


Work abroad: Transitions Abroad has a really comprehensive list for anyone considering becoming an expat in Saudi Arabia.

Foreign and expatriate portals


  1. eFinancialCareers: My favorite online financial job search engine. I used them in my Wall Street days. They have quite a few jobs in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Jobs Abroad: I have found that posts on this and other sites often overlap. Nevertheless, this site has been around for some time.

  3. Go Abroad: I've always been a fan of GoAbroad. In fact, on the visa information part of my website, you'll find where I linked to their global embassy directory. They have a nice job portal, too.

  4. LinkedIn: Last but not least, this huge professional social network is a resource for networking in your area and region of interest.

Employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia

The greatest employment opportunities are in the oil and gas sector.

As one of the attempts of Vision 2030, growth has been attempted.

Other sectors to expand its economy.

This reduces its dependence on oil.

Important sectors.


  • Finance

  • Health

  • Education

  • Construction

  • IT

  • Mining

  • These are important industries besides oil and mining.


The leading companies are.


It is a state-owned oil and gas company. Because it is one of the largest industries in Saudi Arabia.


Which also include:


  • STC (Saudi Telecom Company) - Offers fixed, mobile, Internet and computer network services.

  • Saudi Electricity Company. It controls the overproduction, transmission and distribution of electricity in Saudi Arabia.

  • SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) is a company that produces pesticides, fertilizers, synthetic polymers, and metals.

  • Mobily is also a telecommunications spruce. It was founded in 2004.

  • SABB is a subsidiary of the HSBC Group. It also has a London branch.

  • This is also important because they also play a big role in accelerating the growth of the economy.


Studying Languages.


You can also teach a language in Saudi Arabia. Because of there are several language teachers in the country.


The UK committee uses English teachers in their centers.

You also need a degree and experience in teaching.

Because if you are looking for a full time job.

Look at private international schools located in Riyadh.


The 7 best jobs for foreigners in Saudi Arabia are

1. Treasury jobs in Saudi Arabia.

With an annual salary of nearly $192,000 XNUMX, a treasury manager in Saudi Arabia can expect tremendous growth opportunities. As the venture capital market emerges in the KSA, jobs in banking and finance will become more and more attractive.


To qualify, you will need about 10 years of experience and a professional degree such as an ACA, CMA or MBA.


In general, treasury managers must have experience in bank administration and treasury management. You must understand cash management and cash forecasting. You must know about lending and asset financing. In addition, good negotiation skills are required.


2. Construction Project Manager.

Offering the opportunity to earn more than $168,000 XNUMX per year, this role is essential to Saudi Arabia's growing economy.


Construction project managers are responsible for coordinating materials and crews. They are responsible for reviewing construction drawings and blueprints. They are expected to ensure quality and safety control and meet performance and schedule targets.


Saudi companies, which hold 25 percent of the world's oil reserves, often look for pipeline project managers. Most companies require about 10 years of project management experience. Experience in the oil and gas industry will help you greatly in your job search.

3. Working as an IT manager in Saudi Arabia

As an IT manager, you will be responsible for recruiting, training, and supervising all IT staff.


You will be expected to comply with legal and regulatory requirements. On a daily basis, you will need to maintain network equipment, infrastructure, and network security.


You will also be responsible for providing Internet access and high performance networks. Depending on your employer, you may also be required to provide remote network access to employees.


Most information technology manager positions require a master's degree in technology/engineering. This particular skill set is easily transferable from industry to industry, so it can be a good opportunity to start a career in a new field. An IT manager in Saudi Arabia can expect to earn more than XNUMX $168,000 per year.


4. A doctor or therapist in Saudi Arabia

It goes without saying that to work as a general practitioner, one must have a medical degree. With the ability to earn almost XNUMX $13,000 per month, this role will be very similar in Saudi Arabia as it is anywhere else in the world.


Expect to provide routine medical care, medical exams, and vaccinations. You will need to treat both acute and chronic illnesses and take medications. You will also need experience in preoperative and postoperative care.


Most hospitals and medical centers in Saudi Arabia require a general practitioner with 4-5 years of experience. If you have a specialty in a particular area, you may need more experience as a board-certified specialist.


5. Real estate agent, broker or property manager

Do you have experience selling, buying and leasing homes and land? A real estate manager in Saudi Arabia can earn more than XNUMX $144,000 per year for their experience.


The job requires you to keep up with new developments. You need to know how to maximize the return on each property asset. Depending on the employer, you may also need to hire contractors and prepare estimates.


Most real estate firms require 8 to 15 years of experience, and five of those should include managing others. A degree is usually required as well as good negotiation skills!


6. Human Resource Manager

With a bachelor's degree and 5-10 years of experience, you can become a human resources manager in Saudi Arabia. Just like in management positions in the U.S. and Europe, you need to be able to multitask. If you know how to maintain relationships with employees and manage large groups, you can earn about XNUMX $144,000 a year.


As a human resources manager, you will manage the recruitment, hiring, training, and orientation of all employees. You will need to maintain standard operating procedures as well as know how to solve employee problems and concerns. You will also need to be able to handle multiple tasks at the same time.


7. Saudi Lawyer.

As a lawyer in Saudi Arabia, you can expect to earn up to $144,000 4 a year. There are many jobs in most areas of corporate, real estate, and financial law. A strong academic background is very important, and 6-XNUMX years of law firm experience is usually required.


Legal work in Saudi Arabia offers excellent opportunities for expats. Some companies only need lawyers from the U.S. or U.K., which makes them attractive to foreigners who want international experience.