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Basketball Stars

Disregard the biased referees and the incessant free throw attempts. In basketball stars, a mobile game that challenges tradition, you have the freedom to paint on the pavement and execute extraordinary trick shots. Here, the crowd applauds the extraordinary rather than the conventional, and the force of gravity is subject to your control.

You are involved in a global conflict. You can propel your character off the court by forcefully flicking your finger, and while they rotate in midair, they challenge the principles of physics. Due to their opposition, the ball passes through a rainbow and into the net before detonating. As the monarch of this disorderly playground, you have the privilege of enjoying the applause.

However, the most precious asset you have is the capacity to unlock unique ballers. Each of them possesses formidable capabilities that might potentially change the outcome of the game, and they all share a rebellious nature driven by a purposeful objective (and an impressive combination of skills). Two exemplary basketball players, one who teleports and skillfully evades defenders, and another who sets the net ablaze with powerful dunks, exemplify the revolutionary talent that awaits you.

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