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Storage sheds at your property

Every homeowner is well aware that installation of a storage shed in the yard is indispensable. It can be a place for storing garden tools or firewood and even a small workshop.Let's look at the features of different materials, types of foundations and determine which fits you better.

A place should be chosen in advance at the planning stage of building a house. On the diagram, it is necessary to mark areas for the location of the house, playground, barbecue area, in order to find the optimal place for  a shed and understand how best to arrange all the structures relative to each other. Those who have their property already should decide when  the necessity appears:

-behind a residential building so  it cannot be seen. Sometimes it is also masked with vertical landscaping;

-close to the main building, so  all the tools and small things necessary for the household are at hand;

-on the border of the site. Often they choose a place  that is not suitable for organizing other buildings or areas, such as shady areas, areas on the north side or with poor soil.

Actually, there are no special requirements regarding the location - one of the most  important things is to follow  the distance from the fence and other buildings. You better call your local building department and they will provide the right answer.

One more popular question is what about  its size?

For storing garden tools (rakes, shovels, small tools, etc.), a 4x6 ft building is suitable, in it you can organize a system of hooks and shelves;

If it is supposed to store not only gardening tools, but also additional materials, such as paints, some wood  and other things, it is convenient to do everything with dimensions from 6x8 ft;

If you intend to have equipment, such as a lawn mower or a pump, then it is better to expand the shed to a size of 8x10ft;

About the material.  A wooden one is not cheap, takes more time to build, but  environmentally friendly. The disadvantages are: susceptibility to decay, inflammation, the appearance of insects,  need of temporary protective treatment to extend service life;

Plastic sheds cannot be called super-durable, but they are good for storing garden tools.

They look nice,  assembled quickly, and do not require a reinforced foundation.

Metal will have to be periodically protected from corrosion, then the shed will stand for a very long time. But if it is galvanized - it is protected. The metal  structure comes out cold, if necessary to organize a workshop in it.

Foundation. Aksestroy LLC does not recommend installing any types of sheds on the ground. We recommend raising a  floor from the ground at least on a couple of inches to prevent flooding. The most popular platform materials are concrete and wood.

The concrete will be more durable, but sometimes it is prone to cracking and is more expensive to install. A wooden platform can be assembled in one day, it is made of treated wood. But a wood platform has a slightly shorter service life than a concrete base.

Guess my article will be useful for those who are going to ask for a shed installation service in order to have a plastic, wood or metal shed installed on the property.