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What is pedicab ?

A pedicab is a bicycle of a special design that allows you to transport one or two passengers, as well as various loads. In European countries, it is called a "bicycle taxi" and is often used on tourist routes as an inexpensive, environmentally friendly vehicle. In the classic version, a bicycle rickshaw is a tricycle with a sidecar on two rear wheels, in which one or two passengers or a batch of any cargo can fit. There are also models in which the passenger seats and two wheels are in front, and the driver's seat is in the back. The bicycle rickshaw is driven by the driver using a conventional pedal drive. Some models are equipped with low-power electric motors, which significantly increases the speed of movement. For the convenience of passengers, the bicycle taxi stroller can be equipped with a special canopy.


Pedicab is relevant

Nowadays, the bicycle rickshaw has not lost its relevance. In many countries of the Asian continent, it is still one of the most accessible modes of transport. In Europe, the army of fans of this unusual means of transportation is also steadily growing. Every year the design of the bicycle rickshaw becomes more and more ergonomic and is enriched with new functional elements – lifting canopies, windshields, holders for gadgets. Inventors are working tirelessly to improve the power module. Bicycle rickshaws are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to which you can develop your business.

Pedicab advertising

Marketing nowadays occupies an important place for enterprises. The San Diego pedicab is the most convenient, comfortable and modern way to develop your company. They can be used in a variety of events. Most often, they just ride around the city, along the streets. This attracts people's attention, because San Diego bicycle rickshaws are very bright and colorful, they will not leave anyone indifferent. Also, this is how you can support your company and give publicity.

For example, Samsung is very actively using such a vehicle to develop its business. Despite the fact that they are very popular in the world, they use the most advanced types of advertising to reach a larger audience. They also use such bicycle rickshaws at their conferences or large meetings, where people come and learn about the most interesting offers first.

Often people learn about some interesting and new things from everyday life that is, walking down the street, walking with friends. And such an interesting picture of a bicycle rickshaw will catch your eye. On such transport, you can print any slogan, appeal or marketing news. There is a product for every taste here. You ask me, where can I order such a universal thing? I will answer you, according to the website Here you will be contacted by friendly and polite employees of the company who will help you choose the product to suit your taste and your desires. You can start developing your business right now in an interactive way. Attract the attention of people who didn't know about your company yet. This is a convenient way of advertising, which both large and small companies need.