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Older Women Threesome

Katrin's orgasm was stormy. She screamed loudly, her claws hurt in Benn's chest, she pressed Nikole's mouth strongly to her breast. After the end of the spasms she kissed her lovers on the lips and gave Nikole a place on her cock and went down to Benn's feet. Nikole happily climbed on Benn. But she sat down with her back to him, with her ass on his cock. With her hands behind her, in the guy's shoulders, and with her feet on his knees, she slowly sat down with a narrow hole on a thick cock. Benn felt a sweet pain and pushed the penis into the tight and warm rectum of his girlfriend. He pressed on her hips. After sitting down completely on Benn's member, Nikole began to move slowly on it. She shook and snorted with pleasure. Katrin, bending to her crotch, licked the guy's wet balls from the secretions and also touched Nikole's clit with her nose. Sometimes Katrin raised her head higher and licked her friend's labia and sucked her clit. Nikole was already in nirvana when Katrin put three fingers in her older vagina and inserted them full length. When she felt Benn's cock tense inside Nikole, how the veins on it were distended, she stroked it. Nikole and Benn finished simultaneously and strongly. The woman was already jumping on the guy's cock from a large amount of cum that he poured directly into her ass.

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