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Mature woman story

After graduation this summer, I could not settle down for a long time, send a resume, go to interviews, but there was no reason for this, either I did not please the employer, or the proposed work for me. In early autumn, I came once again for an interview to an office called "C-Light" in the old town, near the Market, which sells all sorts of electronic devices, at least that's what it said at the entrance. The building is old but the inside was clean, tidy, the staff are mostly women over 45 or even 50+, a few young girls and a few naphthalene grandfathers, almost of advanced age. I'm sitting in the hallway, by the receptionist, waiting for an interview. Eventually I was invited to the principal, an older, dry, toast aunt with classic glasses in a horny frame and a squeaky voice. Maybe because I also have glasses or for other reasons, but I got my long-awaited job as a consultant and consultant and was sent to the HR department to do it, and then, in my department, I met his boss. I found the right office easily and opened the door and immediately saw a blonde, full, mature woman (well groomed) in her fifties sitting at the table. Rae, that was her name, my boss and mentor, was good-natured, smiling, beautiful woman, and, to my delight, the owner of natural, not obvisshih lush breasts, strong thighs, elegant, uvesistoy, prominent priest. Nadetoe on her dress обтягивало maximum breasts, hips and, most importantly, ass, clearly showing what narrow-fitting panties and seductive folds of the hemispheres of the priests. She showed me my workplace, poured tea and we talked over tea, she told me about herself that she is married, has a grown daughter, maybe will soon become a grandmother. In general, the first mutual impression was good. I was particularly impressed by her soft character and benevolence towards me, and I tried in every possible way to win her position, dragged her bag after her when we went to Trinity Market at lunchtime, helped her computer, her Set up your smartphone, top up your cell phone account and so on. and soon Rae stopped talking to me about it only lightly, but gave me her phone number, she could already call, talk about something, and moreover, sometimes she could even gossip with me, so our relationship became trusting. I worked with her in the office and it was very pleasant for me to see such a ripe, tasty soup next to me every day. Later, the work got better, I became almost routine, and I began to take a closer look at my appetizing roommate and found her more attractive to me every day and the constant erection of my penis to Rae as a woman, I confirmed that unequivocally. She failed to take photos and videos while walking with her breasts in the cleavage, how the hips and hemisphere of the pop wobble, and my suggestions to photograph her at least for contact in the phone were strictly forbidden. In order not to destroy the relationship between us, I obeyed. However, I did manage to snap a few pictures of her when I was at the market with her. In general, at some point I really wanted to fuck her and especially in her luxurious ass, anal and this desire grew unbearable day by day. In my erotic fantasies I have already come up with many plans how to realize my desire, but I could not make up my mind to realize any of them. Suddenly a case helped when recently, to the undisguised displeasure of the last, together with Rae, to the undisguised displeasure of the last, we were sent on a business trip for a week to check on the state of affairs, to one of the branches of our office, to another city, for a week. We stayed in a decent hotel, each in our own single room that's right up against the wall. A nice, clean hotel room and the weather in the city softened Rae's displeasure, she no longer looked so angry. We worked productively with her, literally exhausted in the evening from fatigue, but we actually carried out the verification in a couple of days and we had to prepare the verification report for signing, reflecting in it all the detected deficiencies in the branch work. We decided to use a laptop we had brought with us and to create the results of the check in the room. After dinner I came to Rae's room and fill sat me on the text, she herself once again saw the documents, reports, presented by the branch. I have clicked the buttons of the Computers and secretly looked at Rae, who was reading the test abracadabra with concentration, rather on her chic tits in a light, thin blouse with a low neckline, with a bra and insanely seductive soft stomach, hips and ass in tight panties, which with a light jersey were covered. My thoughts at that time were not the results of our exam, but sexual fantasies on the subject that I did to Rae in bed. Finally I started writing and Rae dug into the documents. She took my place at the computer, I stood just behind her trying not to let her notice my erect cock being kicked out of my gym shorts. I looked at the gorgeous tits behind her back, sitting next to Rae, and not at the text on the computer, and forgot I thrust my sticking out cock into her shoulder. Rae turned her head and stared at my cock, her eyes widened in surprise and I, to save the situation, think of nothing, behind his back just immediately grabbed her breasts, squeezed them, while at the same time kissing them from above, then Biting her neck and lip into her mouth, not flinching from me, I tried to push away, she snatched from the table and I managed to knock him down, got up next to the bed, and once under me, Rae tried with all my might pushing my hand away, she squeezed her crotch with full force and actively resisted my attempts to pull off her leotard and panties with my other hand. Let's just a few minutes, Rae with indignation, the truth whispered, I had to immediately leave her alone, stilted and cursed on what is light and hurt her fingernails my hand in her crotch, with the other hand I pushed aside. Eventually I was able to flex her full thighs and press her lips to her pussy, tongue caressing the bulging labia majora and clitoris and biting lightly. After a few minutes, Rae weakened her resistance, moaned, her womb was abundantly moisturized, I felt a tart but pleasant taste of her female juices. Lydia's coveted body suddenly went limp, she stopped vomiting, started washing my hair on my head and pressing my face to her pussy. Vylizav juice was ready, I looked up from her pussy, several times put the head of the assembly on her sexual knobs and clitoris, from which Rae immediately moaned and stuck his cock in her pretty tight womb and began to snosh. After a couple of minutes I poured sperm into her vagina, and Rae, who several times squeezed the muscles of my vagina, relaxed and fell silent. I laid down next to her and continued to stroke her breasts, stomach and nuzzled her still standing cock on her hips. She turned her head to me and asked softly: "Do you want more? Can we try the back?". I nodded. I fucked her again, squeezing her tits, squeezing her nipples, with vigor, palms on buttocks , Thighs, fingered, fingered, she straightened.Then we are in a cabin and led me fine, but my please fuck again, here, in the bathroom, she strictly refused, said that she was tired, but I asked her to do , her once again Kuni, after which she came by herself and shattered fell on the floor of the shower.I stayed with her in the room, we lay down, kissed a little more, caressed each other and fell asleep.In the morning when I first woke up i woke her up quietly lay on top of her fucked her half asleep and went to my room finally finished check in before lunch and there was enough time for us all evening and half of available the next day before departure to have. I walked around the city a little with Rae, I could run to the pharmacy and secretly buy an intimate lubricant, then we went back to the hotel, had lunch, went to the rooms to rest. I asked her to caress her a little, but Rae did not agree, but after my continued kissing and caressing, I finally could not resist and said that I could come to her room later, while Rae was in a relaxed state from sex I thought about having anal sex with her. I really didn't know how she would handle the anal and decided to do it for her unexpectedly. While she was on all fours and after Cooney she so rasslablyl I quickly lubricated plenty of oil hid me under the pillow anal gel lubricant brown ring of her Anus, sharp, nudge, led the glans and then grabbed her tightly in the buttocks and thighs, imposed a cock in her anus, slipped it to lubricate easily. Rae screamed in surprise, everything jammed, squeezed her sphincter and tried to get out of my hands, but I held her, but it was difficult to move the penis back and forth in the pinched anus, but then I finished, it was poured out with semen. That was cool! I took my cock out of her ass and Rae slipped out of my hands and immediately rushed to the bathroom, I followed her. She sat in the shower stall and sobbed and started washing her crotch and anus. I stood close, my cock was horny at the level of her face and the kind of pounding Rae so aroused me that I could not help but cum, literally cum on her pretty round face, neck and chest. With a surprise, Rae sat down and dropped the shower watering can from her hands.


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