How to Find the Right College for You

Whether transferring to a four-year college from a two-year degree or finding a need to transfer because of an imminent move, it’s always a difficult decision to make. This is especially difficult for students who love their current university but need to relocate. If you are among the many students looking for a college in a new location, here is some advice that just might make the transition a bit easier and a lot less painful!

Learn More About Your New Location

The very first thing you might want to do is learn all that you can about your new location. What is student life like in the general vicinity and are there opportunities for work experience as well. In some fields of study, this is crucial and if a clinical year/semester or practicum is required, this is a huge consideration. Obviously, universities plan for this when establishing new programs of study, but those particular opportunities don’t interest you. This might be especially important for a student transferring from a Christian school like Sterling. You wouldn’t, after all, like to do a clinical semester at an organization that went against your Christian principles.

Go Beyond the School’s Webpage for Research

When researching universities, one of the tips you will always be given is to read the reviews. Unfortunately, in this day of “fake news,” and high-powered marketing strategies, can you believe what you read? Probably not! Even the best universities ranking highly in all polls will use marketing strategies to draw an ever-bigger student population. Instead of making a choice based on what you have read, take the time to check out student and alumni reviews. If you are transferring from Kansas, as mentioned above, to Central Florida or South Florida, you might want to check out a truer level of student reviews. Everglades University reviews, for example, actually provide reviews you can believe. There are video reviews posted online as stated by real people who attended the university. Not only can you read reviews but you can hear those reviews from the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Tour the Campus Before Making a Final Decision

Another really important tip is in terms of seeing for yourself what you will be dealing with in the coming year or years. It may be an expense you are not comfortable with, but touring the campus really is an absolute must. With some schools, there are several campuses like Everglades University that have campuses in Orlando and Sarasota in the central part of the state and the main campus in Boca Raton in the southern portion of the state. It obviously depends on where you will be living, but a quick look around should give you a feeling of whether or not you will find the school’s ‘atmosphere’ to your liking. Also, bear in mind that Florida’s economy is impacted greatly by the tourist industry so you will be living and studying among a huge multi-cultural student body.

While it is always possible to take some of your courses online, many students find they are inspired by attending lectures. The main consideration in addition to the curriculum and a university’s standing should be whether or not you will find the right fit for you. These tips should help you make the right choice. Wishing you the best on the next leg of your adventure through academia!