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Best 7 Esports News Websites in 2019

The gaming industry has grown immensely over the last few years and is one of the most competitive fields in our world today. However, finding the best Esports supply would require some effort browsing through sources that have the kind of help you are looking for. Identifying great esports news is vital in your search for competitive gaming solutions. If you really love gaming, you got to have the best that there is in the market. You can only find this information from renowned reliable websites that will guide you into the competitive gaming action.


Obviously, you will be looking for platforms with decent coverage of esports news especially if you are serious about winning esports bets. The best sites have information on the latest form of your favorite teams and rumors of the most famous streamers and gamers. This information will be useful in getting you the win you have been looking for. Here are the best 7 esports news sites to look at in 2019:


  1. Liquipedia


Get a wide collection of esports facts from around the world. Liquipedia is a wiki gaming website that provides visitors with many statistics about esports players, tournaments and teams. It may not be the most impressive site to visit but it has content that you might be looking for. It is worth giving a try if you really are looking for help in this area.




Visit HappyGamer for ESports news, reports and updates on gaming leagues. You will get helpful news, reviews, and guides on your favorite games to help you decide on the most competitive gaming to pursue. Reviews are drawn from different sources and that is good enough to make sure that you come up with the right choice of your esports. It is worth spending time on it because you will get almost every bit of information you are looking for.


  1. TheScore Esports


In your search through the internet, you will come across TheScore Esports site based in Canada. It is a trusted website providing esports news to people like you. Just like other great websites, it is really helpful for those involved in competitive gaming. There is every kind of news you need to know about what is happening in the industry. Everything is covered here including exclusive videos particularly profiling the biggest names in the esports world.




The EsportsInsider website is another valuable source of esports news telling you facts and details of what is happening in the industry. There will be information about the most recent sponsorship deals, upcoming tournament plans and where the money has been invested. Stay in the loop by browsing through the pages of this website. You will find great news on competitive gaming.




If you really love the League of Legends, then the Lolesports website got you covered. It is an official esports site that is committed to the competitive scene of the League of legends. Here, you stand a very good chance of checking out the competitive LoL match schedule and current standings. The many insightful interviews will leave you with a thorough understanding of this game and other aspects as well. 


  1. The Esports Observer


With the Esports Observer, you will find details of almost everything taking place in the competitive world of gaming. Based in Germany, this site provides users with a business-centered strategy rather than what you will find in other sites. However, it is a great platform to get to know about the real state of affairs in the competitive gaming world.


  1. Gosugamers


Find out about the latest esports tournaments by visiting GosuGamers. There will be coverage of these details and much more from around the globe. It is among the best esports sites covering news on future tournaments that you are interested to know about. You will also get information on streams, replays, and rankings. Bookmark this site for the latest information on esports tournaments and much more. 


Final Advice


Read online reviews and feedback on esports sites to get the best information on competitive gaming. With the help of reliable websites like these, you will be able to make thoroughly-informed decisions on matters related to esports from all over the world.