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9 Examples of Essay Arguments

For the discussion this time we will provide a review of the Example Argument Essay which in this case includes examples About Education, Health, Waste, Drugs, Flooding, Technology, Cigarettes and Teachers, so that they can better understand and understand the full review below.

Following below are some examples of argumentation essays, including the following:

1. Examples of Essay Arguments About Technology

The rise of Facebook in Indonesia

Facebook, it feels familiar to hear that word. Of course, how not? It's been a long time Facebook entered into life on this earth. Facebook can quickly replace the position of Friendster. Most of the Friendster (Fs) users are now switching to Facebook (FB). What's wrong with all this?

Facebook is a website that is based on social networks. According to observations, it turns out that FB provides quite a lot of facilities for its users. In addition to the facilities obtained, users are given the ease of accessing, and the ease of chatting online with friends.

In Indonesia, now is excited about Facebook. Not only among teenagers, elementary school children and even parents are not a few who are crazy about Facebook. So quickly Facebook attracts the attention of the public. In fact, right now, not having Facebook is arguably not slang.

In my opinion, Facebook has positive and negative impacts on life. The positive, Facebook is one of the means to find out and study the development of science and technology, making us not "catchy" the term.

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But seen from the negative side, for me Facebook is more detrimental. How come? As a student, who certainly has an obligation to learn, Facebook is very disturbing to my studies, both time and concentration to study.

Almost every day people open facebook, just status updates or chat, and more. And it's just a waste of time, even though there are still many more important things to do. But somehow, Facebook seems to bewitch its users. Who doesn't know Facebook now?

Lately, in the community many cases that occur due to Facebook. For example, the case of girls being kidnapped, due to meeting strangers on Facebook. There are also those who commit fraud through Facebook. Facebook's status, which might have been inaccurate, could be a problem. So is Facebook really important or not?

2. Examples of Essay Arguments About Education


The Minister of Education and Culture's appeal to dub all foreign films, both on TV and in the cinema, seems to be more instructions because there is a deadline given no later than August 16, 1996, or 3.5 months after the appeal was made.

The problem is certainly not solely the short time, but various matters relating to the film itself. This is reflected in the opinions of various different parties regarding this matter.

Television itself highlights the problem of technical difficulties if the appeal must be met. For example the readiness of the production house with the language pesulih, the number and quality of language pesulih limited.

Only Freddy M. Nindan, PT Eltra Studio's production manager, alluded to the quality of the original film. For him only films have less weight, and of course children's films that need to be dubbed.

The Chairman of the National Film Consideration Agency, Johan Tjasmadi, is even more cautious. As an insane film that understands the essence of a film as a multi-media work that is not just rich in pictures, it seems that Johan Tjasmasi understands well that the language poachers of a foreign film should not be careless. The step must be discussed in depth with various parties.

Dr. Salim Said, a film observer and writer of reliable criticism of Indonesian film history, said that foreign language replacement would actually open the door to the inclusion of foreign values. This can be understood. With translated texts, things that are considered vulnerable, both in the social, cultural, and political fields do not need to be translated.

Only viewers who understand the foreign language of the film may be keen to catch that, then because education and the ability to filter foreign influences are sufficiently unaffected, while the dubbing of the language is concise in terms of the mouth of the actor still mumbling.

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It is recognized that in some countries the dubbing of foreign films has been done well. Besides films with the original language are also still available in the market. A few years ago I had watched a film based on Shakespeare's work in Paris, in its original language with French subtitles. As a person who is blind in French, I learned a few words of French from watching the film.

There are several issues concerning film and education that need to be considered in the obligation to exchange all foreign films. First, film as a work of multi-media and artwork speaks through images, sound and language. The three elements support one another and the quality and beauty of the film can be damaged if one of the elements is disturbed.

Do not believe? Simply put, you have watched a film that is known to be of good quality in a goat class cinema with low projector quality, inadequate building acoustic systems and loudspeakers, which are painful performances, not only for the eyes but also the ears and the heart we.

Dialogue (even in Indonesian films) is not heard clearly even though the loudspeakers are loud. Watching foreign films with subtitles in these conditions is like reading a book amidst noise.

Language in a good film is not just a sticky element. I can't imagine having to enjoy a film by Kurozawa in any language. The way Japanese and female players express their roles through language has a special color.

The beauty of the film's language carries its own value. Likewise, films in French, Arabic, German, even in languages ​​we rarely hear.

Therefore, I pay respect to TPI, which often broadcasts Arabic films with the original version. The cultural soul exhaled through the language provides its own favors for film lovers who not only pursue meaning, but also the beauty of culture.

In this connection, it may be necessary to consider the proposal that was stated earlier, that the films that should be dubbed are only 'kodian' films such as telenovela.

Whether we realize it or not, a film is a source of learning. We not only gain knowledge from a film, but also further understand the culture, procedures, and adapt habits of a society far from ours.

Film in the original language can also be used as a SOURCE OF LANGUAGE LESSONS. We can learn foreign languages, Arabic, English, French, Japanese, and German, through good foreign films.

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A Chinese language rejected for use in a film shown on TV must be accepted as a political decision. The mastery of foreign languages ​​is not only used as a means to improve services in the tourism sector that we are promoting.

The matter of accusations of foreign languages ​​can damage the use of Indonesian, perhaps not entirely true. Those who truly master a foreign language usually can also use Indonesian that is good and right.

And the reason that dubbing is aimed at socializing Indonesian language may not be very appropriate. Many other forums to achieve this goal, while dubbing languages ​​with quality is not guaranteed it will tear apart our language order.

3. Examples of Essay Arguments About Education

When Is Free Education Realized

Free education is only a promise that resonates broadly during campaigns and the election of regional and central leaders. When the election is over the story will be different. Poor children in cities, villages and rural areas continue to experience difficulties in accessing proper education.

In urban schools competing to improve facilities and infrastructure by raising fees with the contribution of education, building money, etc. because usually urban communities prefer schools that have good educational facilities so that they will not hesitate to pay dearly to provide education the best for their children.

On the other hand, on the outskirts of cities, rural areas, and rural areas, schools cannot levy fees on parents because there is nothing that can be collected from the community. Students must be satisfied with the conditions of the educational facilities.

4. Examples of Essay Arguments About Cigarettes

Dangers of Cigarettes for Health

Smoking can lead you to death. There have been many victims who died from smoking. Based on data compiled by the Ministry of Health every 10 minutes there are people who die from smoking in Indonesia.

Indeed, the effects of death caused by smoking can not be felt directly by smokers, but it takes a long time for several years.

According to Dr. Aria Nugraha, smoke smoked by smokers will undermine their respiratory organs such as lungs, throat and others, causing several diseases such as bronchitis, heart attacks, and pregnancy disorders in pregnant mothers. The longer the smoke they breathe, the faster the process.

Then why are cigarettes so dangerous? Inside a cigarette stick there are dangerous chemicals such as poisons, floor bleach and even rocket fuel. Not only cigarettes are dangerous, smoke and Tar can also cause cancer because the nicotine content is very dangerous for our bodies.

That is why smoking can cause death because smoking can cause various diseases that can kill you.

5. Examples of Essay Arguments About Health

Danger of Mosquitoes and Mosquito Coils

No doubt, mosquitoes are dangerous, especially mosquitoes that spread malaria and dengue fever. To protect ourselves from mosquito disorders we usually use mosquito coils. But are we aware if the use of mosquito coils can actually harm human health. Then what do you do!

Friends, friends, in addition to mosquito repellent, we can also use mosquito nets on beds, mosquitoes are not able to penetrate small gaps in the mosquito nets. Mosquito nets are of course safe and free of adverse effects that are detrimental to health. Unfortunately there are people who feel that mosquito nets are not practical and reduce the beauty of the bed, so they are busy buying mosquito repellent.

Various kinds of insect repellent are already very complete from the type of topical (lotion), mosquito spray, mosquito coils, to electric mosquito repellent. Approximately which of these types is most safe for our health?

According to health experts, the four types of mosquito repellent are still dangerous if used in the long run. Insect repellent consists of insecticides, coloring agents, and fragrances, the findings of which have adverse effects.

If the dosage contained can still be tolerated, the danger can be reduced. Each mosquito repellent packaging certainly has different usage rules from one type to another. Read the rules of use carefully on the packaging, so as not to misuse!

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Of the four types of mosquito repellent, the best order is lotion, electronics, spray and mosquito coils. If you are observant of course the price is also suitable right? The best, of course, the price is more expensive than the others.

6. Examples of Essay Arguments About the Environment

Please keep this area clean

Keeping the environment clean is a basic thing that must be owned by every family in a community environment. If every family in the environment is aware and starts to pay attention to environmental cleanliness, garbage is no longer a problem.

Starting to sort out organic and non-organic waste is the easiest thing, but for some reason it is also difficult to do.

There must be a strong desire from each individual or there are movers and pioneers who are willing to go from house to house the people invite and explain the benefits. If this can work properly, then we don't need to hope, anxiously, waiting for the garbage man to come every day.

There is so much that we can benefit from household waste that we consider dirty and disgusting. In addition to the surrounding environment will be maintained, clean and free from the odor of organic waste can be converted into fertilizer, gas for cooking, etc.

Non-organic waste can be resold and can even be used as new goods. There have been many success stories from environmental actors who use waste. But not all people care and are moved to follow their lead.

Because it takes a strong desire to protect the environment and the earth in general or at least maintain a clean environment around where we live.

It seems that our society needs to get more information, encouragement and assistance so that the spirit of protecting the environment becomes part of the lifestyle of the Indonesian people.

7. Examples of Essay Arguments About Drugs


Nowadays drugs become a serious problem in any part of the world. Many drug cases are difficult to solve. Drugs (Narcotics, Psychotropics and other dangerous addictive substances) are substances that, if ingested in the human body, whether drunk, inhaled, or injected, can change a person's mind, mood or feelings, and behavior.

According to Law No. 22 of 1997 concerning drugs that is, substances or drugs derived from plants or not plants, both synthetic and semi-synthetic. These substances cause a decrease or change in consciousness, eliminate feelings, reduce pain relief, and can cause dependence.

As the name suggests, drugs consist of three types, namely:

1. Narcotics. Which includes narcotics, namely:

  • Papaver plants, raw opium, ripe opium (opium, jicing, jicingko), medicinal opium, morphine, cocaine, ecgoniana, cannabis, and rosin marijuana.
  • Salts and derivatives of morphine and cocaine, as well as mixtures and preparations containing the ingredients mentioned above.

2. Psychotropic, including:

Sedatin (Pills BK), Rohypnol, Magadon, Valium, Mandarax, Amfetamine, Fensiklidin, Metacualon, Metipenidat, Phenobarbitol, Flunitrazepam, Ecstasy, Shabu-shabu, LSD (Lycergic Brow Diethylamide), etc.

3. Other dangerous addictive, namely:

Alcohols containing ethyl ethanol, inhalents / sniffing (solvents) in the form of organic substances (carbon) which produce the same effect as those produced by alcoholic beverages or anesthetic drugs if the aroma is sucked. Example: glue / adhesive, acetone, ether, etc.

As for the drugs according to their effects are divided into three, namely:

1. Depressants, namely suppressing the pust nervous system. For example: opioda and various derivatives such as morphine and heroin, and putaw.

2. Stimulants, stimulate bodily functions and increase excitement and awareness. Example: Caffeine, Cocaine, Amphetamine, Methamphetamine and Ecstasy.

3. Hallucinogens, change the perception or result in hallucinations. Example: mescaline from cactus, psilocybin from fungus-fungus, LSD, and cannabis.

Currently, drugs have mushroomed in the teenage environment. This is really a dangerous threat for the Indonesian people. Sianipar (2004) said that based on a national survey of drug abuse conducted by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) of 13,710 respondents consisting of junior, senior high school students and students obtained data that in the last year there were 3.9% of respondents who abuse drugs. There are many motivations and causes of people taking narcotics, including:

  1. To feel pleasure, generate confidence, feel satisfaction and relaxation.
  2. To feel better, relieve stress and depression.
  3. Improve body performance
  4. Curiosity.
  5. Prestige to friends
  6. Running away from the problem.

But in essence, if drugs are used continuously it will result in dependency. This will result in physical disorders, such as disorders of the nervous system, disorders of the heart and blood vessels, disorders of the skin, disorders of the lungs, frequent headaches, nausea and vomiting, nausea, increased body temperature, reduction liver and insomnia, decreased reproductive hormone function and sexual dysfunction, changes in menstrual periods and irregularities, amenorrhoea, hepatitis B and C, HIV, and finally death.

As for psychological disorders, such as: sluggish work, careless, tense and agitated, pessimistic, apathetic, delusional, full of suspicion, become beralal / malignant, sullite concentration, feeling upset and depressed, and often hurt themselves. In addition there are also social impacts, such as mental disorders, anti-social and immoral, ostracized, a burden on the family, and the future becomes bleak.

It is difficult for someone to break away from dependence on drugs. It must start from the user's awareness and strong will, and be supported by those around him.

Meanwhile, to avoid drugs we are advised to get closer to God and realize the consequences that will be received if using drugs.

8. Examples of Essay Arguments About Character Education

Education is a means to make humans more civilized and knowledgeable. Without education we all are nothing but a group of animals.

With education, we can become what we want and with education we can also go wherever we want.

Therefore, education is very important to be given to all humanity. However, there is one that is no less important than education, namely character education.

Same is the case with other education whose main purpose is to teach. Character education teaches good character or moral values ​​to humans.

Why does character education need to be done? Basically, science without morals or character will create dangerous and depraved individuals, such as corruptors, dictators, and others.

With character education, it will prevent the emergence of people like that. Because usually people with good character will behave well too.

Try to imagine someone who is knowledgeable and has good character, will surely be a good individual and useful to others.

Character education teaches us about morals or good values ​​as human beings, such as responsibility, obedience to God, honesty, confidence, and much more.

By entering these values ​​into all individuals, individuals will be formed with strong and knowledgeable character. That is why character education is no less important than other education.

9. Examples of Essay Arguments About Trash

Littering has become a bad habit in Indonesian society. The people in their daily activities are always consciously and deliberately littering. That happened because of lack of awareness and sense of responsibility.

the responsibility of each individual towards environmental cleanliness. This is proven by the research that shows that four out of one hundred people in Indonesia still litter.

The government itself has made rules about the problem of garbage disposal in any place and has set sanctions for the perpetrators. But on the other hand, people are still ignorant of these regulations and are still polluting the surrounding environment.

This habit of littering can be found anywhere, for example on public transportation, at school, on the river, and even on the highway.

Littering naturally has a big impact on the environment and on the community itself.

According to Rahmat Fajar Lubis, a research center on lipi geotechnology research stated that the garbage thrown carelessly into the river, will make the river clogged and cause flooding when the rainy season arrives especially if the rainfall is high.

In addition, scattered rubbish everywhere will become a hotbed of disease that can interfere with the health of the community itself.

We as humans who have the highest degree among other living creatures should have the awareness and responsibility of ourselves for our environment.

We should not litter because it will have a negative impact on ourselves and others. With a clean environment, then our life will certainly feel more comfortable.

This earth is where we live, we must take care of it as well as possible so that our children and grandchildren can also enjoy the beauty of the earth.

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