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Brave Browser for Window. What can you expect?

Brave Browser represents an absolutely new way of browsing the Web focusing on online privacy by blocking ads and trackers. Brave also allows you to send tips to publishers, and in the near feature, it will allow you to make real money from ad revenue. Check my review of the browser.

The project started on May 28, 2015, by CEO Brendan Eichthe, the co-founder of the Mozilla Project, and CTO Brian Bondy. Brave Software launched the first public version of the browser on January 20, 2016. The app was packed with partial ad blocking features and plans for ad revenue sharing program.

As part of our 0.11.6 release of Brave for desktop on Sep 1, 2016, the publisher announced the beta version of Brave Payments, the Bitcoin-based micropayments system that can automatically and privately pay users favorite websites.

There is a great review of the browser following this link.

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