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Choosing the right necklace length for yourself

With all the digitalization and online shopping sites, all of us are prompted to purchase things online. Life has never been more comfortable. You need a phone and an internet connection, and you can look and buy items of your choice anytime. There must not be anyone who isn't fond of jewelry. There are a lot of online shopping sites who have a fantastic collection of necklaces and other jewelry stuff like But, along with that, there comes the tricky part. Choosing the size! Earlier, it was easy because you could wear it and see if it fits your neck or not which you can't over here. You wonder if this size will suit your neckline, face or not. Depending upon the size of necklaces and the style, they are categorized and named into a few and let us see them first.

Popular Lengths and Categorization of Necklaces

There are standard lengths of necklaces and chains in inches. In the survey made by Gemological Institute of America (GIA), they are 16, 18, 20, 24. 30, and 36. The different styles of necklaces depending upon their sizes are the princess; matinee; collar; choker; rope and opera. Let us see the approximate size of each of them:

rope: lengthier than 36″,

opera: from 24'' to 36″,

matinee: from 20'' to 24″,

princess: from 18'' to 20″,

choker: from 16'' to 18″ and,

collar: less than 16″.

Depending on the type of dress you are wearing, and where you are wearing it, you can choose the one you should be going for.

Choosing the Perfect Necklace

Occasion and Dress

Depending on the event and the type of dress you are wearing you need to select the accessories that best suits you. You don't want to wear something too heavy for a business meeting or something very casual for a wedding. We will discuss each of the necklaces in details:


The collar is a full necklace that fits right above the collarbone and sits tightly over the neck. You can wear it with off-shoulders or any piece of clothing where the neck s pretty visible like V necks or scoop necks. It has been a recent trend to wear it with boatnecks, and it suits well. You can also wear them with any lower cut dress. When you are heading for any party, you can pair them the party dress with some strand of pearls which will compliment your neckline.


You can almost par them up with any dress. It tightly hugs the throat and makes your neckline and face way more visible. If you go for 16'' choker, it will sit tight, and the 18" choker will keep a little space between it and your neck. As it draws attention to your neck, you can wear it with any dress with the wide neckline.


Currently, it is the most popular and trending one. It sits on your collarbone, and you can almost pair it up with anything. Be it some casual occasion or a wedding party you are heading to. It even suits any neckline from plunging to turtleneck ones. You can also attach a pendant to it to make it look classy. The versatility of this necklace makes it widely accessible. Women from any age can wear it. You can easily gift it to any of your friends.


This piece fits between your bust and collarbone. It suits people with cowl necks, regular necks or turtlenecks. You can wear them when you are heading for some business meetings during the day. But, don't restrict yourself there. You can easily pair them up with casual wears, and it looks great.


It sits on your bust or maybe one or two inches down the line. As the name suggests, it points to something traditional and classy. It is usually paired up with dresses having a high neckline. You can wear it in the evening if you are heading to some royal dinner or party kind of thing. If it is 36'', you can wear it as a double-strand, and it looks great.


It lies anywhere between the center of bust to stomach. It is usually worn as an elegant piece. If you are heading for some sleek evening parties or even for that matter business meetings with a kind of traditional touch, you can wear them.


People who are having a round face usually avoid collar and choker and goes for the matinee, opera, princess, and rope. If you have a long look, choose collar, princess or choker over matinee, rope or opera. If you are blessed with an oval face, you are set to go for anything. People with a heart-shaped face, usually go for princess, collar or choker.

We have discussed the type of necklace and which one of them compliments a particular dress, event at facial type. Depending on these factors, choose your perfect necklace, and you are ready to go.

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