What are the career opportunities for CCNA certificate holders?

If you are considering to get a CCNA certification and you are wondering if it is worth it or not, this article is for you. It is a wise move to ask yourself questions when you are dealing with things involving your career. The good news is that there are many career opportunities for CCNA certificate holders and we are going to be talking about all that in a moment. Currently i am reading really informative cash loan guides at in my free time. But before we get to the career opportunities I think it will be wise if we understand the objective of CCNA certification first.

CCNA certification

Objectives of CCNA certification.

  • The major objective if CCNA certification is to ensure that the candidate is familiar with the networking environment.
  • CCNA certification encourages the participants to use the best methods in order to create or manage a network within an institution/ organization.
  • CCNA certification is going to provide you the knowledge and skills that will help you be able to handle switches and routers.
  • It will prepare you to be able to handle the risky as well as complex situations that can be found within a network.
  • CCNA certification is going to familiarize you with WANs, IP addresses and mechanisms of different routing protocols.


Another question that most people ask themselves and one you might be asking yourself is why CCNA and not any other certification. Well, there so many reasons why you should go for CCNA certification.

  • CCNA is recognized and respected in the whole world meaning when you get the certification, you will have global exposure.
  • CCNA is a step stone to other Cisco certifications so you can be sure of getting more certifications from Cisco after you are done with this one.
  • You can still sit for the exam and pass even if you don’t have any technical background. As long as you pass the exam, you will be certified as a qualified expert.
  • When you get certified after passing the exam, you are going to enjoy lots of benefits in the job market for the following 3 years. The certificate is usually valid for three years but of course you are still going to have the knowledge you learned even when it expires.
  • CCNA gives you a foundation of building a networking career and after getting certified you can be sure of moving up by trying out CCIE and CCNP.

The career opportunities.

Having a CCNA certificate boosts your chances of getting a job and the following are some of the career opportunities you can try when you become certified.

  • Network support engineer.

One of the top careers you can explore after getting certified is becoming a network support engineer. It can be considered as L1 or be considered as L2 support position. You will not have the direct access to the switches and routers but you will be providing support to other engineers who have the security clearance to access switches and routers.

  • Network system admin/ administrator.

Both jobs usually have very similar roles that’s why am mentioning them together. The role for this jobs usually involve installing as well as managing different hardware devices including routers, PCs and switches. In order to get a role as a network system admin you will need to have extensive knowledge in hardware parts. Having a CCNA certificate is going to boosts your chances greatly.

  • Network engineer.

This role is more of a support like network support engineer but as a network engineer, you will get more involved. You will be designing and implementing as well as supporting the network environment of an organization.

  • Network security associate.

 This is the best job profile for CCNA certificate holder. It is complex as well as risky but it is worth it. You will be performing security on an organization and identify as well as remove any security threat. For you to get certified for this, you will need to pass the exam for CCNA routing and switching and pass the CCNA security exam too.

Those are the top career opportunities for CCNA certificate holders and if you are considering to get certified, enroll here for best CCNA training institute in Pune.