Home & interior design trends that are timeless showstoppers

We all want to believe that we have nailed our home design. In fact, we go to great lengths to ensure that our home is beautiful, welcoming, and visually pleasing. Some of us hire luxury home builders, and some of us spend months doing most (if not all) the work ourselves. While the way the home comes together depends on the homeowner, the end goal is always the same: to create something beautiful, something unique, something personal. We want our homes to be the essence of us.

The style of your home should flow through the entire living space organically. This does not mean that you must make every space exactly the same, but rather that there should be key home design elements that tie the spaces together (think a recurring colour, the light or tapware fixtures, the doors and windows, the lights themselves). There are four home and interior design trends that are timeless showstoppers, able to be added to any home with ease, and beautifully designed and thought through.

Marble accents

Whether it is a marble kitchen counter in the kitchen, or a marble coffee table in the living room, having accents of marble throughout the home is a brilliant way to bring a natural stone into any space, be it modern minimalism or antique traditionalism. Marble is timeless and elegant, but paired with the right home and interior design concepts and it can become an edgy and outspoken feature in a home’s design.

Curved sofas

The idea of a sofa that curves around is to bring the people in the living room area together, allowing them to communicate with ease, rather than having to crane their necks or sit in unnatural positions to hold a conversation. Curved sofas can be the standard L shape, a U shape, or a literal curve, like that of a horse shoe. Any design that brings the people in the room face to face is a winning sofa concept.

Layering spaces

While there are key home design elements that will bring each room together as a collective in the home, each room should be its own space as well. This can be a difficult concept to balance well, but it can be done. Layering is the key. Adding interior design pieces like photo frames, throws, cushions, vases, glass or stone pieces, and artwork are the perfect ways to give a room its own theme while allowing it to flow freely with the rest of the home.

Organic earth tones

You can never go wrong with organic, earthy undertones in the home. Whether it be crisp whites, dove and stone greys, sheik blacks, or even lush greens, calm blues, and toned down reds and browns, organic colours allow a home to not only flow freely inside, but from the front of the home straight through to the backyard. Bringing a home together with home and interior design tricks is great, but bringing the entire property together with them is even better.