Mattress Cleaning Guide

Sleeping is the basic necessity of every human being. A sound sleep rejuvenates us and makes us feel lively and fresh all day. Choosing a good mattress according to our needs is very important to get a good night sleep. Different people have needs when it comes to sleeping solutions. It depends on number of factors like type of mattress, sleeping position, mattress size specially while looking for double bed mattress, Density etc. Space is also an issue now when it comes to choosing the right mattress.

The right mattress can help keep your brain alert and your body energized. It can also help out with relieving again pain, which really is a significant problem that almost eighty percent of the populace complains of.

Full mattress also called a “Double mattress,” a Full size mattress is a superb choice for growing children, but usually doesn’t provide enough space for just two adults to talk about comfortably, especially if they may be over 5’8” tall. It used to be the typical size for lovers several ages ago when homes were built smaller, but now is more commonly used for individual parents or children who are able to have the extra space to disseminate.

Double mattress is ideal for  specific children or parents sleeping alone or with a dog or cat, couples who prefer to inviting up without pets.

A Small Double Memory Foam Mattress is the right choice if you have a limited amount of space or you are in need of a mattress for a smaller guest room. These are 4ft/120cm Mattresses compared to the 4ft6 widths of a regular double sized bed, giving you the space for two people but making all the difference if you have less space available. They are pain relieving, soothing and comfortable and also space friendly. It is made up of highest quality memory foam with orthopaedic and health benefits. Its unique structure absorbs your body weight and promoted a straighter sleeping position for an undisturbed sleep.

        The problem with various mattresses is that they lose their charm with time.  Therefore we need to change our mattress when it has served its time. There are certain sign which tells us it’s time to change our mattress like:

  • You wake up in pain and spend the night tossing and turning.
  • The mattress is older than 7 years.
  • Its sagging
  • There are deep indentations

        Mattress might also become new as it was if proper cleaning is done and you might actually     postpone its replacement.  Mattress cleaning is particularly important in humid and moist environment where surface sweat and moisture are unlikely to evaporate after you get out of bed. Also, if you have pets or small children, chances are your mattress has some stains you don’t even know are there. A professionally cleaned mattress is heavenly to sleep on but you can also do it on your own. There are certain steps you may follow to clean your mattress like:

  • Vacuum the mattress: Vacuum cleaner’s upholstery attachment is the best tool for mattress cleaning. Start from the top of mattress and work your way down in narrow paths.
  • Deodorize mattress with baking soda: It will leave your bed fresh smelling. To do this sprinkle your mattress with baking soda and gently rub with a scrub brush so that it gets into the fabric where the stink lives. You may leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Flip and repeat: If you mattress is pillow top you make skip this step.
  • Stain Removal: If you spill a liquid on your mattress it would be recommended that you strip and wash the cover before gently cleaning the foam. It is important that you make sure to use a small amount of lukewarm soapy water only.

      Your mattress can be your best friend when it comes to sleep. So it’s your job to firstly choose wisely and maintain properly. If you treat your mattress well it will treat you the best.