2 industries that are influencing printed circuit boards

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) have been one of the most defining innovations of the technological era. Used in almost every electronic device in today’s world, PCBs direct the electrical charge and are used for the purpose of connecting a variety of electronic components in a device. Over the years, the types of PCBs available have changed constantly in order to stay focused on the rapid growth of technological devices. There have been many developments to the circuit boards in order to fit the device, its design and its overall function. Companies that manufacture electronics are always testing a new PCB prototype, yet are not the only industry with a requirement for a range of circuit boards. Moreover, as we are strongly becoming more dependent on technology and digital devices, the PCB market is only expected to see significant growth. It is important to note that circuit boards are a part of the smallest electronic components such as wearable technology as well as more significant aspects of the world such as building and machinery. Without PCB or even with a faulty PCB an electronic device is practically useless. This is why circuit boards are so important and why the need for trusted manufacturers is ever increasing.

Two major industries that are influencing by circuit boards are the following

  1. Aerospace

The aerospace industry is always in constant growth. The world is always looking forward to new discoveries of the other planets, the creation of new satellites for a better understanding of Earth, and the cultural phenomena of traveling. Circuit boards form a major part of the aerospace industry, moreover, it is the industry which requires the most secure and diverse set of circuit board production. The types of circuit boards used in the aerospace industry not only need to be durable but also flexible. Additionally, they need to use materials that will withstand different pressures such as extreme heat or cold weather, pressure, and radiation. The growth in the aerospace industry is also prominent through the recent acquisition of PCB tech giants to accommodate to this industry which promotes growth and innovation.

  1. Medical

The medical industry has grown significantly in recent years. The millennial generation has been seen to be widely interested in their healthcare and wellbeing, giving rise to ever more innovation in the medical fields. Additionally, there is emerging connectivity in medical devices to increase accessibility through mobile devices. The medical industry as it is heavily dependent on electronics, thus, is also impacted by circuit boards. The security levels that PCBs have to meet in the medical world are different from those of everyday products as medical products have an influence on the life of an individual. The circuit boards that form part of small sugar recording devices are different from those of large MRI scanners, nonetheless equally significant for all types of products.

Overall, the circuit boards industry is ever-growing and can be expected to innovate even further in the coming years. It is also an industry in need of regulations as it is such a big part of people’s everyday life and because of the dependence of major industries on it. It is exciting to see where this industry will head off as it continues to make large profits and produce new varieties to satisfy consumer and production needs and wants.