How to Choose the Right Platform Bed Frame

A bedframe isn’t only a place for your mattress to call home. An elegant bed frame can be the center point of your bedroom decoration and add potential space for storage. The following advice can help you choose the perfect framework for your bed that can look best for a long time.

When it’s finally time to displace that old, lumpy mattress, there’s more to consider than simply its size, comfort level and price. You’re also heading to desire a quality bedframe to aid the new bed and protect your investment. The proper bedframe and headboard mixture can also put in a attractive touch to the bed room that reflects your personality and health.

Platform Beds

Platform bedrooms are a variant of standard platform bed frame support systems. They typically contain a one-piece welded metallic framework with a built-in foundation created from either heavy gauge combination wires with some metal slats placed laterally between your two side rails or a solid panel that holds up the bed. Low profile system beds get rid of the need for and price of box spring and coil foundations, and many also feature built-in, beneath-the-bed storage area drawers.

Platform bed frame are created for comfort across the board, so find a design or style that that suits you. Many styles also feature interior safe-keeping - an extra bonus for small-space dwellers!


Cost-Effective: Platform beds are generally less expensive as you don’t need to acquire a box planting season to go with them.

Use Any Bed: You should use any kind of mattress with your system bed. They’re especially simply perfect for foam mattresses. 

Small Space Friendly: If you’re small on space in your bedroom, the smooth design of program beds will need up less living area and help you minimize clutter.

The Cons:

Climbing In and Out: Platform bed frame have a tendency to be low to the bottom, so climbing in and away of bed removes used to. If you have back or knee problems, consider if this is something you want to daily!

A Note for Side-Sleepers: As the mattress sits on top of a good platform or wooden slats, system beds have a tendency to be firmer. For side-sleepers, a firm mattress can create too much pressure and may become uncomfortable.

Eventually, there comes a time when you’ll have to look for and purchase a fresh mattress. Initially thought, this may audio easy enough, however, not many people realize there are several factors to consider when it’s time to begin shopping. Among the main of these is understanding mattress sizes and knowing how to find the best one for you.


Your size of mattresses can affect your quality of sleep as much as other features of the bed, including the firmness or materials used to make it.

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