Botox Treatment

Botox is one of the most common non-surgical cosmetic procedures, and it is estimated that every year around six million Botox treatments carried out. The toxin used in botox treatment is Botulinum and it is used to eliminate the wrinkles by debilitating the underlying muscles. Moreover, Botox treatment also used to treat migraines, excessive sweating, muscle problems, and certain diseases of the intestines and bladder.

This type of cosmetic treatment is used primarily for controlling muscle spasm, intense armpit sweating, and improving skin conditions. Botox treatment is best for a person who is dealing with wrinkles problems, it is, in fact, the most effective and successful treatment to fight against wrinkles.

Botox is supplied by the manufacturer in the form of a crystalline substance. Then it must be restored with saline or other liquid. The botox specialist adds various amounts of fluid during re-forming it. Though there is not any specific amount of fluid quantity that needs to be added during the process, most doctors add 2 to 3 ml of the liquid to each vessel. Botox as the sample reconstructed in a more powerful way. The desired effect is just not obtained by the amount of liquid, it is the total dose of the medications that lead the desired results.

Treatment Procedure:

• Botulinum toxin is administered by diluting the powder with saline and injecting it directly into the neuromuscular tissue. Most patients prefer to apply a local anesthetic ointment to the area to be treated in order to lower the consciousness of the area. Others don't like to have any form of anesthetic ointment at all. Yes, it is possible to choose this prior to treatment.

• Immediately before injection, the applied local anesthetic ointment is carefully removed and an ice pack is applied to the area. After a short time, usually measured in seconds, the ice pack is removed, the treatment area is cleaned with alcohol and disinfectant such as betadine. After that Botox injection is performed.

• The effectiveness of botulinum toxin takes 1-3 days to show its full effects. In very rare cases, up to 5 days can be observed so that the full effect of botulinum toxin is observed.

Botox Side Effects

Potential side effects of Botox treatments include swelling, bleeding, inflammation, infection, pain where the injection is performed, redness, etc. A number of these symptoms may indicate an allergic reaction. Other allergic indications include dizziness, itching, rash, wheezing, and faintness. Also, soon after the treatment fatigue, neck pain, and headache have been reported by some people.

Tell your doctor immediately if you feeling any breathing issues or uneasiness.


If you want to opt for a Botox treatment, it is essential to get the service of a qualified skilled healthcare professional. It may be cheaper to work with someone who does not have a license, but this increases the possibility of post-treatment complications.

As with any cosmetic method, the risks of complications are possible. Talk to your doctor about what you can expect during the injection process and in the subsequent recovery period.

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